Lauryn, where art thou Lauryn?

This video makes me happy and angry all at the same time. I know I’m not the only one that misses Lauryn Hill, not the cuckoo ca-choo crazy Lauryn. No no, not that Lauryn. This Lauryn, the Lauryn that exhaled excellence without even trying. Grrrrrrrrrrrrr, it hurts a part of me man.


Please reform and come back to us, the real Music lovers miss you and need you!


This song was always one of my favorites off of The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill. Very relatable to my life, and I’m sure alot of yours as well.  That’s no surprise because that’s exactly what Lauryns music is.   Relatable and timeless.

She just turned this song OUT though, owwwwww.




One more, Lauryn singing the “Sweetest Thing”. This song still makes me so happy, it brings you to a place (past or present) of a time when you’ve truly felt the lyrics of this song.


(The band kills it in the first couple minutes)

Single ohhhhh

Holy smokes!

If I hear this one more time, I mean one more time from a guy I think I’ll hit the roof.

Why is a pretty girl like you single?”

What do you say to that? Ummm well, I’m single because “Good Guys don’t like me”, or “Guys like cheating on me” or “Guys like lying to me”? What the heck do you really say?! (Guys, don’t jump on me…I’m just speaking from experience). When I get asked that question,  I tend to answer with “It’s not hard to get a boyfriend”. Am I lying? Any and everybody can have a man if they want to, that’s not the issue.  It’s a matter of not settling for Copper when you can get Gold or better yet Platinum. I mean, I see too many bad relationships happening  just because the other people don’t want to feel lonely. I’ll take being lonely over the headache (and heartache) of a messed up relationship anyday. It gets annoying when people look at me like I have leprosy just because I’m single.  Yes, it gets lonely at times being single. I won’t even lie. Not to mention it sucks seeing what (or who) you want and not being able to get it (him). However being in a relationship doesn’t define you, not to mention you don’t need another person to “complete” you. If you’re not a whole to begin with you will always feel you need someone to fill a void. True?


Morning Everyone,


I look like hot smelly trash today (much similiar to the kind downtown). I’m not feeling well at all, like the kind of not feeling well that if you haven’t seen a facebook update status from me or another 2 posts from me from today, just call 9-1-1. I have alot of different ideas of things I want to write about however my brain is functioning like I’m 2 fries short of a Happy Meal. Please be patient with me.

It’s Tuesday and that means new music drops today. Today is a special day for Toronto as Melanie Fiona’s album drops today. It’s called “The Bridge”.  If you have no idea who I’m talking about, pinch yourself for me. Miss Fiona hails from Toronto and she is F-A-B-U-L-O-U-S! Her voice is smooth and sexy and although I haven’t met her as yet, I can tell she has a fantastic personality. I know you’ve heard her first single “Give it to me Right”, but did you know she was on tour with Kanye West? Or that she’s had many heavyweights in the music industry recognizing just how talented she is? Take notice because she is representing Toronto in a big way.





Melanie will be performing this Thursday July 2nd at the Mod Club downtown.  Torontofresh WILL be in the building, so I suggest you come down too. Good music is so fulfulling.


Buy her album! Yes, I said BUY.  Support good talent! Especially good talent from your hometown.

Do What it Do

Yes, yes yes YES!

As I have nothing to do tonight but wait for Intervention to start, I’m on Youtube just searching away. I came across this performance. I love Jamie Foxx, obviously he’s a talented comedian but his voice *sigh*.  This performance comes from one of his songs off his album “Unpredicatable”. I LOVE that album, I felt it was pretty solid. 

This is “Do What it Do”, if you don’t watch it all at least watch from the 4:00 minute mark on. Jamie seeks out Fantasia and she serenades him, so of course he has to return the favor. Heaven only knows how much I love R&B. (I’m a secret romantic).


Just watch this:

Monday Evening “Wowwww”

I often wonder if people do not own mirrors in their houses. You know, some just don’t want to be bothered to spendtime looking at themselves. I think that’s selfish, because I’m bothered when I have to see things like this in my eyesight.

This woman used to work at my workplace, which as I’ve mentioned before is an office! This doesn’t jive on any day of the week.





Song of the Day: Lovefool

I still love this song till this day. Holy Elementary School!

Sad that at points in my life I could relate to this song lol. Oh man. I can’t remember this group having any other major hits, correct me if I’m wrong.


Here it is: The Cardigans- Lovefool


BET Awards…are you serious?

Good morning folks,

Well the BET Awards went down last night and I’m left scratching my head wondering “Why, why” like MJ.

Here is my compiled list of “why’s”:

1. Why is Jamie Foxx so damn FUNNY?! Kudos to him. Despite the underlying sadness of the show, Jamie still had the power to keep the whole crowd laughing. That says alot about how great he really is as an overall entertainer.

2. Why were there only about 6 performers rotated throughout the show? Ummm was there a shortage of Black celebs that could sing and dance for the night?

3. Why were there no DANCE TRIBUTES? The King of all things Dance and you mean to tell me you couldn’t have one person bust a crotch grab and Thriller Dance for me? Y’all are not serious about life right now.

4. Why would BET, Viacom, Jesus and Moses have Ciara Harris SING a Tribute?! Oh sweet Baby Jesus. Girl play to your strengths, play to your strengths. You should have insisted, no PLEADED to dance.

5. Why did Keyshia Cole wear that outfit? Cringe. Was her makeup a tribute to Michael too? Moving along.

6. Why is Beyonce so fit? Holy moly, it hurts my feelings slightly. Her performance though…. c’mon Bee you could have came wayyyyyy harder. Needless to say I wasn’t pleased. However bag up that dress and I sure will wear that on my wedding day.

7. Why did they have Drake sit so far back on the stool? They should have moved him closer to the front of the stage, since his foot was hurt and he couldn’t move around.  (Toronto stand up!)

8. Even bigger why… why did Lil Wayne have his little daughter and her kiddy friends on stage while you’re singing about “f*!king every girl in the world”. Oh Jesus, please rebuke them.

9.  Why did NeYo think it was appropriate to take off his hat? Nice tribute though.

10.  Why is Jamie’s voice sooooooooo BUTTER.

11. Why did Tyra’s weave look the way it did? Like they just slapped the weave on and didn’t bother to trim it.

12. Why does Amber Rose get love just because her head is bald? Sorry, you are not anything special. YES, I SAID IT.

13. Why did they make poor Janet go on that show? My heart ached for her. I applaud her bravery going out there, I really do.

14. Why does Keri Hilsons makeup and hair never look right? Too much makeup for her face, she’s a pretty girl. The wet poodle hair is not the business either. Good performance though (except for the end).

15.  Why did BET think blurring out swear words after they were said was going to fly? LOL@ Eddie though

16. Why did Tyrese and Johnny Gill MURDER that stage? Trey you sounded good too, but you got overpowered. Tyrese oh boy, you worked it on out.

17.  Why did BET think it was okay to let Tiny & Toya aka Captain and Co-Captain of the BabyMamas Franchise speak on national television? Tiny, I’ma need you to not show your baby pitbull face on my screen again.  Speaking like you have no kind of sense. Toya, I’ma need you to just sit down.

18.  Why did Jamie and Martin KILL ME with that skit with Shanaynay & Wanda. Ohhh how I miss them.

19.  Why am I still mad about the tributes in that show? Where was the “Rock With You’s”, the “Do you Remember the Time” the “Billie Jeans” the THRILLER DANCE, THE MOONWALK.  I don’t give a damn, Chris Brown should have been there! Shoot, breathe Neeks… breathe.

20.  Why did BET give Frankie and Neffe their own show? Jesus be a shield all around me, cause the ghettoness will surpass the ghettoness on the “Keyshia Cole Show”.

21. Why did New Edition kill the Jackson 5 dance moves? Geez. The singing on the other hand, got lost in translation

22. I get where they were going with the “Guy groups flashback” but if they were trying to outshine the ladies of last year, the ladies brought that one home.

All in all, I understand there was alot of last minute stuff due to Michaels death, HOWEVER I think given the type of star power BET could have gathered they missed the mark with this one.  Props to Jamie Foxx for really holding it down on the hosting front and the tributes side.

R.I.P Michael Jackson, if it wasn’t apparent how much of an impact you had on the world before it is so undeniable now. ❤     MJ All day!

Song of the Day: All the Things Your Man Won’t Do

Hot damn.

This song STILL gets me whenever I hear it. Joe is so underrated it’s ridic. Love him.

Sweet song, sweet sweet song. Okay let me stop.


Here it is: Joe- All the things your Man won’t do


Crimes against Fashion

Well hello there!

How are you doing today? I’m hoping good, myself? I’m just chilling out watching Seinfeld. Just a quick reminder, tonight is the BET Awards. From the commercials it should be a live one and now they’ve revamped their show to pay homage to the King of Pop (R.I.P). It is a crime if you do not watch.


Anyhoot. My topic today stems from me being on Facebook this morning and getting thorougly annoyed. Fashion is such a broad term. There are many things that one may see as fashionable and another may not. Alot is left up to one’s tastes. However I believe there are some things that should be a GIVEN that it is a crime against fashion and all things fashionable.


I’m so serious. I have a lot of Pet Peeves when it comes to fashion, I will list a couple.

1. Exposed bra straps.




I’m cringing just looking at that picture. I think that is sooooooooo TACKY and TRASHY it’s unbelievable. How could you leave your house really thinking that, that looks good?  Strapless bras were invented for a reason, I find a lot of women do not invest in one. They are oh so necessary to your wardrobe!  A little and a mean little bra strap is okay (not in a top like that) however, I would prefer if you just wore the strapless bra and called it a night.


2. Women wearing clothes that clearly don’t fit.



Again can you say TRASHY! Ladies there is a term that I believe so strongly in. “Know your size, know your size…. KNOW YOUR SIZE“. That top is clearly for a teenager, no grown ass woman should be wearing it. If you are a woman that it is fuller sized and want to make yourself look bigger than you are , wear a top 4 sizes too small. 10 times out of ten people do not believe that you look good, but are wondering “why is she wearing that?”.


3. Men wearing pants down to their knees.

You get NO PLAY!

You get NO PLAY!


Man are you being serious right now? That really burns my bridges, yes it may be an extreme case but I still do see this around town. If you want a quick way for people not to take you serious in life, adopt that style.  Pull your pants up! Noone wants to see all of that. What was the point in even putting on a belt? Man wear your size!


4. Women that wear the same color shoes/dress/clutch/jewelery.

Unfortunately I couldn’t find a pic to describe what I mean (actually I could, but I didn’t want to put anyone on blast lol). Yea, have you ever been at the club and saw that girl that thought that wearing a red dress, red shoes and red purse with a red bangle was the hottest thing in the streets? Argghhhhhhhhhhh. My heart hurts. There are so many wonderful colors out there that go together. Fashion rule folks, you don’t have to MATCH … you have to “go”. Certain colors ‘go’ together and look nice with each other, you don’t have to have a matchy matchy outfit.


I’m just going to end this right here, I can go on for days lol. Until my next set of Fashion Pet Peeves

Song of the Day: How Deep is Your Love

I know when you read the title you probably thought I meant the Dru Hill song.



As previously mentioned my music tastes are pretty eclectic. This song comes from the Bee Gees. If you haven’t heard it, shame on you. Listen up right now. The Bee Gees had a lot of classic songs in their day.

Here it is:  The Bee Gee’s- How Deep is Your Love