Diamonds are Forever


Sorry I just experienced some major Deja Vu there. I had a discussion with one of my homegirls earlier on and we were discussing Men or is it boys? Whatever you get what I mean. Anyway, she mentioned that a former flame called her cause he finally lost the dementia he previously had and came to his senses. What was my response you ask?



 “I’m not surprised”.


Yea, been there… DONE  THAT.


Ladies, you know what I’m talking about. You’re dating or in a relationship with a man and he decides that Tina from around the way has 2 more ‘badges’ than you do. So, said man leaves you hanging and rolls with Tina for the minute… UNTIL he realizes he made a left turn when really he just missed his right turn. He went out and bought a Cubic Zarconia cause it was shiny and bright, only to get home and realize his finger was green. Whomp whomp for him right? Yea, I know.  Sucks that he finally realized that “you the f!@^ing best” …

So what does he do? What he believes is the ‘right’ move and call YOU up to give the usual small talk and “I miss you” or my favorite “let’s go out to dinner or a movie soon”. Hahaha, funny right? Pffffftttt please save your game for the next “diamond” that they’re selling at the store because last time I checked the Sun does not rise and set on YOUR behind!

What does my wife say again? Oh yea “… To the left, to the left” …never sounded so sweet.




Neeks aka Miss Irreplaceable


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I'm a Virgo, I love most things entertainment related. Love PHOTOGRAPHY, and Fashion.

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