How many Petro Points do you have?

This blog thing is becoming easier as the day progresses lol….

So my next topic is what you ask? Well it’s simple… why is most of Toronto gassed? I mean like so gassed, I get nervous when they are near a lighter because I see a tragic disaster just waiting to happen. If you’ve been under a rock for the last year or more, Toronto has had a major jump in the amount of Rappers/Singers/Models/Promoters etc. I have noticed though that EVERYONE is a “CELEBRITY“. *Blank Stare*. How is that even possible?


There are different degrees of celebrity, if you are only known in your neighbourhood as “Billy the Stickup Kid” then you my friend are NOT a celebrity and I think you should humble yourself. If you are a little known from Toronto to Mississauga for:

A) Being in every party


B) Sleeping with every guy/girl in said party


C) You’re friends with the dude/chick that goes to the club and sleeps with everyone


You guessed it, you’re still NOT a celebrity. Humble yourself.


Moving on to the “Toronto Celebs” . There are some up and coming artists that are doing their thing and I strongly believe are very talented and deserve to have all the shine… and then there are the artists that may or may not have the talent but their attitude STINKS! I mean like a stale tuna sandwich sitting in the sun all day stink. Why are you so rude for? Why are you not humble? I have heard many a story of Toronto artists not wanting to work with each other for silliest of reasons and believing in their mind that they are on an Usher/Justin/Beyonce/Biggie level yet again no one outside their clique knows them. Wow… Fallback. Quickly. Preferrably in a ditch.


Toronto is a hard city to win over, so why can’t artists just support each other? It’s hard enough to break on your own, why not try to come together as a collective? Show your hunger and we as fans will all ride for you (providing you have talent). Save the Diva antics for those that can afford to fly to France just for a croissant.


What’s the phrase of the day again?


“Humble Yourself”



Neeks OUT!


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I'm a Virgo, I love most things entertainment related. Love PHOTOGRAPHY, and Fashion.

One response to “How many Petro Points do you have?

  1. ŜрĩŗĭŧůąłŴīŀďċħįľđ

    holy crap!!!!! even in the world of celebrity wannabe’s…its sad to say that being sexually promiscuous is now the latest trend in celebrity star-ism…i mean come on!!!! are you really that proud to say you slept with so many girls/guys???? but then again…due to the double standard the guys look like champions and they girls just look plain out nasty…ewww!!!!! putting that gross thought aside…this is for my sisters…if any of you are proud of the fact that you’re famous for being loose aka slutty aka “bad ting” or “badess” in my native Trini slang…then you do your thing…but at the end of the day…which do you think is really better…being famous for changing more men that you change underwear…or keeping respect for yourself or your body and being a nobody…sorry darlings…i rather be a nobody…let’s see if when you’re all used up and abused if any self respecting guy will want to take you home to his mom….

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