Just Wondering

… Just wondering why its June 10th yet it feels like October. Can a sista get her tan on?

…Just wondering why I wore this underwear today. Its clearly too small and cutting me in places that a person should never be cut.

 …Just wondering why this guy pretends to be interested in what I’m saying but really he’s more interested in what my bum is saying.

…Just wondering why Brandon from College hill is such an A class idiot.

…Just wondering why this TRICK won’t get out my life.

…Just wondering why this guy won’t get the hint that I’m not even remotely interested.

…still wondering where summer is.

…Just wondering who wants to see “Hangover” with me?

…Just wondering what their true intentions are.

 …Just wondering why I haven’t eaten since noon and my stomach is speaking some form of African dialect.

…Just wondering why noone has invented the ability to Karate chop someone through the phone.

…Just wondering why they don’t see what I see.

…Just wondering if you’re tired of “just wondering” yet.

…Just wondering why you haven’t commented on any of my other posts yet

…Forever wondering where summer went. I mean I like short shorts and BBQ’s. Summer why have you forsaken me?


About datchickneeks

I'm a Virgo, I love most things entertainment related. Love PHOTOGRAPHY, and Fashion.

2 responses to “Just Wondering

  1. Proclamation

    Just wondering…if a guy is honest do you still get hurt by it the truth
    Still wondering… If things are gonna grow closer of further apart
    Just wondering… if love changes, thug changes does best friends become strangers..word up (nas- the message)
    Still wondering… why you never did the blog from time

  2. datchickneeks

    1. Yes, however I always want the truth. No matter how much it hurts.
    2. You know I think it really depend on the people. Some people can make it work, but it takes PUTTING IN WORK.
    3. Damnnnnnnnn
    4. LOL I know right, I finally had an ‘epiphany’

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