Where my Ladies At?

So I thought my next post would be about Blakes show that went on Wednesday night, however my cpu thought different. My computer is annoying me to NO END. Between it not having any space left, the internet going in and out, Youtube taking forever and eternity to upload the videos … lets just say last night was ROUGH. So please accept my apologies, I will at least put up the pictures and do my official post this evening.


So in the meantime between time (where did I get that from… Spex?) anyway, this post I thought I would aim at my fellow females.


I just have a couple concerns I wanted to address, you know how I get down.  So let’s get down to business.


Why is it that alot of y’all love the assholes of the world and really hope and believe that he will NOT treat you the exact same as he did the last 6 or 7 girls. Track records really show alot about someone. Wait I know what you’re thinking “People change Neeks, sometimes people change”. Okay yea, sure people do change to an extent. There are alot of things that need to be taken into account, if a guy was trying to talk to you WHILE he had a girlfriend and suddenly they break up and he’s on you again.                              *PAUSE*                  *REFLECT*   then proceed.                                      Chances are very high that he may not be that faithful to you when the time comes around. So being the female that you are, you get into a relationship with that guy and then are all confused once he does the EXACT same thing. Yes, he was a dickhead but you my friend are also a bit of an idiot. Sorry I’m just keeping it real right now. I think we all at one point thought that for whatever reason we were “different” than the other girls that he’s been with so he will treat us different.  Thinking like that ONCE is excuseable, however time and time again ladies? Nah, that’s downright stupid. 


Moving right along, why do we stay in these BAD relationships.  Seriously, I would really love to know. If you’re thinking “…it’s because I love him”, you need to stop. Do not complain to me about the boyfriend you’ve been in a relationship with for the last couple months/years that he’s *insert bad thing here* and *insert another bad thing here* and you guys have been off and on forever. Listen if he only treats you good on Tuesday and Thursday and all the other days of the week he’s a jerk, slap yourself. You allow him to do it.


Real talk.


For real though, WHAT IS THE POINT?! Why stay in something that’s so obviously a bad decision holding on to the fact that you guys USED to be so good together. Sorry sweetie, it’s not anymore so just cut your losses and keep it moving. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying it’s easy. Trust me I’m not, however why continue to damage your self-esteem and spirit over a bad relationship? I say it all the time, we as people stay in these types of situations because we get “Comfortable”. Being comfortable with someone will make us feel that we should stay with them because they know us so well or they know how we like *it* and so on. Ummm last time I checked if someone knew you so well, they should know that you don’t like to be treated like trash.  If he is actively trying to change, and you can see him changing but he still has small setbacks then fine. Change doesn’t happen overnight. However if he just disregards your feelings all the damn time, why are you bothering? Also just because he can put it on you, doesn’t mean that someone else can’t!           


 Can I get an Amen?


Ladies, the males are not always at fault. If you didn’t trust him from the beginning you’re never going to trust him. Cut your losses at that time. Trust and Friendship I believe are 2 of the most important things to make a relationship work. Without those things you’re going to get a whole lot of  ‘nothing’ out of it.


Oh yes, one very important point that I forgot to mention. If you sleep with him very soon after meeting him, and 7 months later you’re wondering why he only sleeps with you and doesn’t want anything more from you. Ummm you gave him his dessert before he paid for it.  Think about it. If you let him ‘hit it’ without him knowing much about you, chances are he’s not going to care to after. I mean “why?”, so don’t think he’s the problem. Again it’s probably you. 


I know alot of people are going to be mad at me for this one, but dah well. I say things that people need to hear, that not everyone will tell them. I have soooo much more to say on this topic, but one post at a time right?


About datchickneeks

I'm a Virgo, I love most things entertainment related. Love PHOTOGRAPHY, and Fashion.

2 responses to “Where my Ladies At?

  1. Renee M

    OH Wow ….I love it girl…..keep up the good work….AMEN AMEN AMEN!!!!!

  2. MaRia DyNaMiCa

    Sooooooooooooo INCREDIBLY true!

    NEEKS, remember our song from back in the day…

    “Where my girls at, from the front to back,
    Are you feeling that, take on step back…


    That is what this reminds me of! 😉

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