Keep it Moving

“… don’t be a groupie, keep it moving shawty…”  -The ever so sexy T.I

This post is about it’s heading “Keep it Moving”. I mean I’d like to consider myself to be an intelligent fly female. So why do I from time to time, get caught up in situations where I’m letting someone else dictate portions of my life.

“What do you mean Neeks?”

Well it’s really freaking simple, guy pursues girl … her heart gets clobbered. Girl pursues guy, yet again her heart gets clobbered.


Do I sense a pattern?

I’ve been rolling solo dolo for more than awhile now (I’m sure if I told you, you really wouldn’t believe me) and everytime I start to think maybe I’m just being too cautious, I get reminded of why that’s a good decision. There must be some kind of hex on me lol, or maybe I’m playing for the wrong team (common joke amongst me and my friends).  Who knows really?

I’m going to wrap it up here. The more I dwell on this, I think the more it’ll turn my stomach.

“….and Sylvia be tellin tales like “damn Neeks fly”
and she just be like “silly motherf*?!a I know”
that was your bad
how could you pass up on her? “


About datchickneeks

I'm a Virgo, I love most things entertainment related. Love PHOTOGRAPHY, and Fashion.

2 responses to “Keep it Moving

  1. A guys heart get clobbered just as much don’t get twisted..
    What about the men who pursue girls and they hurt the men with foolishness for a long period of time…yea no one says much about all that.

    • datchickneeks

      I really don’t dispute that.
      This whole post was meant speaking on MY behalf, no one elses. I never once stated that guys don’t get hurt. That would be pretty asinine of me.

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