“… I wish I could say no regrets, no emotional debts…” -Amy Winehouse

I danced around this post for awhile, had a whole leap of stuff written down. I decided against posting it and rather just keeping it short.


Do you have any regrets in your life?


I know, I know  “you shouldn’t regret anything in your life, it happened for a reason“. I don’t necessarily believe in that fully. I think sometimes people just say that, so they could feel better about themselves and the decisions they’ve made.


Me? Yes, I have regrets… many. Do I sit and dwell on them everyday? No, that would just drive me off the deep end. I am aware of them though, at times it does play into certain aspects of my life. People may think I’m talking strictly about regrets having to do with that “L” word.  Negative. There are so many other aspects to life besides that.


Moral of the story, I need to remember to keep my head to the sky and never anything less than that.


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I'm a Virgo, I love most things entertainment related. Love PHOTOGRAPHY, and Fashion.

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One response to “Regrets?

  1. Bella

    I dont regret dem.. i just forget dem…you feel me!

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