No Homo

Good Afternoon Folks,


I feel so blah today, partly due to the rain and the fact I’m tired from last night (more on that later..).  So my topic of the day sparks from 2 little words…


“No Homo”


Seriously, what does that even mean? I see it all over Facebook as folks comment on others pictures and what not, but  I feel it’s such an overexaggerated phrase. What I mean is, when was the day that all of a sudden we can’t compliment others of the same sex without being seen as homosexual? Really though. There is no way that you as a male or female can’t realize when someone of your same sex is attractive. That’s just human nature.  Shoot I know some sexy females, I have NO problems saying it. If you think I’m Gay then that’s your business. Not mine. Everyone nowadays is sooooo concerned with what other people say, it’s ridic. Just cause a rapper says it doesn’t make it true (Wise tip of the day). If I comment on my girls pic saying “You look hot”, why do I need to put “No homo” to assure people I don’t have my lick-her license? The more people try to assure me they are NOT gay, the more I believe they are.


I’m not saying, but I’m just saying though…..




Neeks kissed a girl and she liked it…


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I'm a Virgo, I love most things entertainment related. Love PHOTOGRAPHY, and Fashion.

One response to “No Homo

  1. LMFAO @ “Lick-Her licence”….. DEAD!

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