Sperm Donors vs Dad’s

Let me start off by saying Happy Daddy’s Day to all my truly deserving males out there.

It takes alot to be a Dad, it really does. In this day and age it’s sad that we have to congratulate those that actually DO take care of their children. You would think that would be a given, right? Nowadays it seems like  people have  no quams in making the baby but when it comes time to taking care of them they fade to black. So disappointing. I feel like males don’t truly understand the affect they have on children when they abandon them. It follows them for life and can have some devastating traits in ones personality and growth. Please don’t let your children be a statistic.


To those Daddys that realize that their children are truly God’s one true gift to them, stand up! I hope you have a wonderful day with or without your child(ren) at your side.


Happy Fathers Day to my brothers who gave me my beautiful niece and my handsome nephew, LOVE YOU GUYS! To my own Daddy (R.I.P) , love you for life which isn’t even a question.

Kenwyn and Zavier

Kenwyn and Zavier



Sheldon and Lishel

Sheldon and Lishel



Oh, just in time for Fathers Day… Congratulations Mr.Mcdonald on your baby boy, Maurai!  Yea yea, I know, you make pretty babies LOL. I can’t wait to see him.


Also, I want to shout out all the single mothers that play both roles. I salute you guys. I know it’s a hard and sometimes scary road but your children truly do appreciate it, even if they don’t voice it every day. 


Neeks signing off.


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