An Evening at the beach

Good morning folks,


Well a couple evenings ago, myself and some fresh females also known as The Discombobulated Tricks (Nicole, Char & Meg) Claire and Monique all decided to make a very impromptu visit to Woodbine Beach.  If you’re from the West Indies you’re probably thinking right now “Canada has no blasted beaches *kiss teeth*”. I’ve heard that many times before and even said it myself, yes it’s not the same as the beaches in other countries however Life gives you jeans that are too small, you make cut out shorts right? Exactly.  I for one will be trying to live down there this summer. The vibe is really chill, there are many things to do down there. For instance you can play beach volleyball, eat some streetmeat, get your tan on or walk/run/rollerblade or bike the boardwalk.  If all of that isn’t your thing, then maybe you can have a mini photoshoot as we did. The possibilities are ENDLESS.


While there I took pictures as always of things I thought were “Wowwwww” worthy.


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I'm a Virgo, I love most things entertainment related. Love PHOTOGRAPHY, and Fashion.

3 responses to “An Evening at the beach

  1. Tammy Soulful

    Aneka….you were really in that water???

    No words….none.

    Have any extra toes? Contracted any diseases you can’t spell? Get juk by any irrecognizable projectiles in the sand?

    And yes NO ROSSCLOT BEACH DEH A CANADA…dippin’ your foot in that toilet water ya’ll call a lake, EASE UPPPPPPPP!

    • datchickneeks

      LOL Tam, you know what’s funny they BEGGED me to go in. I said “I’m probably going to have gangrene, when I come out of here“.

      When I tell you there were people dipping there full bodies in that ish. NO WAY JOSE. I only allowed my shins to get wet.

  2. Shane aka PookieMan

    Neeks…you shoulda invited me to the beach…

    and more pics of you and this girl

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