My Blackness

A couple months ago, I was having a conversation with one of my co-workers (he’s White) about why I was different and why he wanted to date me. I never took him seriously because he’s a very cocky individual and I got the impression that he was just pursuing me for sport. When I inquired how I was so “different” from other black females he began to say “You’re not like the rest of them”. Ummmm, okay what does that mean? So I finished his sentence for him, I said “Are you trying to say I’m not loud and ignorant?” , the look of guilt on his face told me I was dead on.  He elaborated by saying I’m like a “black white girl”. Thank you?!


This isn’t the first time that someone has told me something like that. One of my ‘ex-factors’ used to tell me that I’m like a white person because of my vocabulary and intelligence. Extremely asinine in my books. What does a vast vocabulary have to do with being seen as “Black or White”. IGNORANT. I speak like this because as a child, I’ve always loved reading.  I shouldn’t be ashamed in that. Get your vocab up! Furthermore what kind of message are we sending out that just because ‘I don’t be talking like I’m from the hood’, or like LaQuisha from around the way… does not make me any less BLACK.  I loving learning about new things and having intelligent conversations so that automatically equates that I’m white? IGNORANT.


I swear sometimes you black folk can be so damn foolish lol.


Neeks is gone to listen to some Aerosmith…


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I'm a Virgo, I love most things entertainment related. Love PHOTOGRAPHY, and Fashion.

4 responses to “My Blackness

  1. Sabrina

    right on neeks ! I get that all the time too…

  2. Mona

    Hey, I’m a brown girl who lived in Belleville (yeehaw) until I was 18 years old. Stay positive and be YOU!
    AeroSmith – ROCK ON!!! Gotta love it though!

  3. Jerzi

    Wow… though I am shocked this doesn’t surprise me. He is wrong on so many levels. Education was universal, not a color or a race. I have noticed a lot of people feel that once you step out the stereotypical box that surrounds your culture, “you are turning your back on who you are “or” you feel you are better. When in fact it is a blessing to be outside of the box. It is a blessing to be well educated.

    I am glad you are an educated individual. Please continue to bless me with your writings. Cause I will be reading. 🙂


    PS- AreoSmith is the ish!!! owww

    • datchickneeks

      Thank you for the love everyone.
      Jerzi, I appreciate your kind words. Thank you!!! I’m happy you will continue reading.
      ❤ ❤

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