The GREATEST to ever do it.



I’m writing this through tears… if you know me, or have seen me at a club you know I went HARD for Michael Jackson. My favorite all-time entertainer, the best to ever do it. There is no way that you could deny this mans talent and all that he’s done for every genre of music. 50 years young, another example to add to the list that our lives are not promised. In a couple weeks he was to start a 50 date tour , gone too soon. Ironically enough this is my 50th post.

My sister called me from Trinidad cause she knew what the mood of the house would be. My mom keeps reminiscing of when my siblings used to imitate his moves while watching a VHS tape of him.  This is a sad day for music, a sad day for the world.

As I write this, I have vowed I’m not going to watch the news for the rest of the night. People cannot even let him die in dignity without mentioning FOOLISHNESS. This sucks so bad, I can’t even describe it. I mean no one expected him to live forever but 50 years old? Noooo, not good enough. Not for the pinnacle of my childhood. YES everyone has made a joke or 3 about him, however NO ONE ever denied how great he truly was.



Here he is singing my favorite song by him “Rock With You”



What’s your favorite Michael track? Video? Comment, I want to know.


Oh the memories! I remember when me and my friends acted out *The Way you Make me Feel* video (I was MJ!),  riding in Renee’s car BANGING out *P.Y.T* , being scared out of my mind watching the Thriller video as a child, to the excitement in highschool when the “You Rock My World Video” premiered and trying to get the stair scene down pat….the memories go on and on.


I’m a passionate music lover, always have always will be. This feels like a punch to the stomach. It really does sadden me.


R.I.P Michael Joseph Jackson aka The King of Pop. The best to ever do it.

August 29th 1958- June 25th 2009

 I love you, you will be missed and NEVER forgotten.


Also R.I.P Farrah Fawcett, a true ‘flygirl’ in her day. It’s a shame your death had to be “overshadowed” by another major loss.

The famous poster. She really was hot!

The famous poster. She really was hot!

I’m out of here, gone to practice my moonwalk…

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I'm a Virgo, I love most things entertainment related. Love PHOTOGRAPHY, and Fashion.

2 responses to “The GREATEST to ever do it.

  1. Shane

    Truly a sad sad day in world history, one of the worlds most celebrated entertainers ….his legacy will live on

    RIP Mike… gave us great music, you’ll be missed
    peace dude

  2. Rock With You is my fav too Neeks!!

    Omg, i just finished my blog post about him and PYT, In the Closet and Dirty Diana are on HEAVY rotation…

    Someone wake me up already… This CAN’T be real!!

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