BET Awards…are you serious?

Good morning folks,

Well the BET Awards went down last night and I’m left scratching my head wondering “Why, why” like MJ.

Here is my compiled list of “why’s”:

1. Why is Jamie Foxx so damn FUNNY?! Kudos to him. Despite the underlying sadness of the show, Jamie still had the power to keep the whole crowd laughing. That says alot about how great he really is as an overall entertainer.

2. Why were there only about 6 performers rotated throughout the show? Ummm was there a shortage of Black celebs that could sing and dance for the night?

3. Why were there no DANCE TRIBUTES? The King of all things Dance and you mean to tell me you couldn’t have one person bust a crotch grab and Thriller Dance for me? Y’all are not serious about life right now.

4. Why would BET, Viacom, Jesus and Moses have Ciara Harris SING a Tribute?! Oh sweet Baby Jesus. Girl play to your strengths, play to your strengths. You should have insisted, no PLEADED to dance.

5. Why did Keyshia Cole wear that outfit? Cringe. Was her makeup a tribute to Michael too? Moving along.

6. Why is Beyonce so fit? Holy moly, it hurts my feelings slightly. Her performance though…. c’mon Bee you could have came wayyyyyy harder. Needless to say I wasn’t pleased. However bag up that dress and I sure will wear that on my wedding day.

7. Why did they have Drake sit so far back on the stool? They should have moved him closer to the front of the stage, since his foot was hurt and he couldn’t move around.  (Toronto stand up!)

8. Even bigger why… why did Lil Wayne have his little daughter and her kiddy friends on stage while you’re singing about “f*!king every girl in the world”. Oh Jesus, please rebuke them.

9.  Why did NeYo think it was appropriate to take off his hat? Nice tribute though.

10.  Why is Jamie’s voice sooooooooo BUTTER.

11. Why did Tyra’s weave look the way it did? Like they just slapped the weave on and didn’t bother to trim it.

12. Why does Amber Rose get love just because her head is bald? Sorry, you are not anything special. YES, I SAID IT.

13. Why did they make poor Janet go on that show? My heart ached for her. I applaud her bravery going out there, I really do.

14. Why does Keri Hilsons makeup and hair never look right? Too much makeup for her face, she’s a pretty girl. The wet poodle hair is not the business either. Good performance though (except for the end).

15.  Why did BET think blurring out swear words after they were said was going to fly? LOL@ Eddie though

16. Why did Tyrese and Johnny Gill MURDER that stage? Trey you sounded good too, but you got overpowered. Tyrese oh boy, you worked it on out.

17.  Why did BET think it was okay to let Tiny & Toya aka Captain and Co-Captain of the BabyMamas Franchise speak on national television? Tiny, I’ma need you to not show your baby pitbull face on my screen again.  Speaking like you have no kind of sense. Toya, I’ma need you to just sit down.

18.  Why did Jamie and Martin KILL ME with that skit with Shanaynay & Wanda. Ohhh how I miss them.

19.  Why am I still mad about the tributes in that show? Where was the “Rock With You’s”, the “Do you Remember the Time” the “Billie Jeans” the THRILLER DANCE, THE MOONWALK.  I don’t give a damn, Chris Brown should have been there! Shoot, breathe Neeks… breathe.

20.  Why did BET give Frankie and Neffe their own show? Jesus be a shield all around me, cause the ghettoness will surpass the ghettoness on the “Keyshia Cole Show”.

21. Why did New Edition kill the Jackson 5 dance moves? Geez. The singing on the other hand, got lost in translation

22. I get where they were going with the “Guy groups flashback” but if they were trying to outshine the ladies of last year, the ladies brought that one home.

All in all, I understand there was alot of last minute stuff due to Michaels death, HOWEVER I think given the type of star power BET could have gathered they missed the mark with this one.  Props to Jamie Foxx for really holding it down on the hosting front and the tributes side.

R.I.P Michael Jackson, if it wasn’t apparent how much of an impact you had on the world before it is so undeniable now. ❤     MJ All day!

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I'm a Virgo, I love most things entertainment related. Love PHOTOGRAPHY, and Fashion.

9 responses to “BET Awards…are you serious?

    jesus be a shield all around me?!?! LMAOOOO

  2. MaRiA

    WOW… you are too funny but so correct! 😉
    Last night’s show was one I will never forget.
    I was crying the whole entire time. What an emotional event.
    From Jamie’s opening, up until his duet with Ne-yo at the end of it… I was trying sooo hard to hold back a waterfall of emotions. I think they did an amazing job! Needless to say…I was kind of waiting for the huge ”dance number’ too!
    Chris Brown and Ciara would have been perfect for it. Why is the right question???? LoL
    I have to give props to my girl Alicia Keys for being sooo smooth when accepting her award and aknoledging Michael’s presence in the room and the way he united everyone last night. Love that girl!
    What I can criticize though… is the last performance with Lil’ Wayne and Drake. WTF was that????? Honestly though?
    I wanted to turn my T.V. off I thought it was sooooo bad!!! I found out after that Drake pulled something and that is why he was on that damn stool… but come on… LiL Wayne needs to bring exellence to the stage… not some random girls that are standing around Drake while he went off doing his own thing. Why???
    Another hilight which I am sure that you LOVED too… was JAY-Z’s performance. Good show Jigga!
    Did you see Jay-Z’s video premeire on the after show? Whaaaa… real hip hop is coming BACKKK!!!
    (None of these shit rappers that talk about being Jerks and all… UGHHHH)

    Anyways, I had to get that off my mind.
    All-in-all… I loved the tributes and cried like a baby! ;(

  3. D-E-A-D wid laff!!
    Neeks, u have the Asian ppl dem around thinkin I’m crazy cause I’m laughin sooooo hard right now!!!

    Ok, before continue, I have to put it out there that I MISSED the show, so everything I’m about to say is based off hear say, lol..

    These sucka-ass-mofo’s better known as BET should have had the common sense to know that a rushed, half-ass and EMPTY tribute to someone as great & iconic as MJ would not only be a diagrace to the man’s legacy but also an insult to his true fans. We all know that BET clearly lacks common sense right??

    I read somewhere on saturday that they were gonna “allow” Chris Brown to attend the award show to do a dance tribute…. I GOT EXCITED!!! Now to hear that, as Neeks said, there were no crotch grabs, moonwalks or even a 1-2 Thriller move from any of the MANY artists who are also dancers makes me freakin angry! Where’s ur loyal BET? What the eff is ur problem??

    Then, to hear that my girl Janet gathered all her strength to speak infront of everyone, but AFTER such a retarded performance by Lil Wayne & Drake leaves me absolultely dumbfounded. The man had his 11 year old daughter & her friends dancing to that dumb ass song… Infront of everyone…. & felt that was a great parental idea?? Did all the CAS workers in the US have the day off?? Nobody saw the rehersal and said…. “Umm, No. No thank you Lil Wayne….”. HMPH!! You mark my words, they will ALL foot the blame in my eyes when that lil girl becomes a stripper… SMH!

    If BET REALLY cared about MJ, his family & his fans, they would have NEVER attempted throw this big hooplah of a “tribute” in the middle of the show because from what everyone has told me, it’s was beyond tasteless. Why didn’t they just produce a separate tribute show and properly focus MJ & his genius???

    They left the floor wide open for VH1 to SHAME us in a proper tribute to him. Everyone thank BET!!! :@

    … I’m sure I’ll have even more to cuss about when I catch the rerun… UGH!! Sorry Neeks but I’m angry!

  4. Mel

    You definitely hit the nail on the head with this one, especially that damn Lil Wayne/ Drake performance wit the kids wtf???? But the BIGGEST disappointment of the night was definitely the lack of a Chris Brown dance tribute to MJ! Chris would’ve definitely brought some life to an otherwise mediocre show that was only saved by the hilarious Jamie Foxx.
    Anyways..I must say I luv ur blog, keep up the good work 🙂

  5. You had me laughing …that made my day for real!!!
    Great Blog!
    Ron D.
    Prime time*

  6. kjmusiconline

    i agreeeeee, great read!!!!!

  7. Jerzi

    Hey Neek,
    From what i heard about the show, you seem to be the most on point. I have yet to watch it and am waiting to say “o thats what she was talking about”. thanks for the “foot notes” to the show..
    ps, loving your blog.. 🙂


  8. BeeJay

    All sooooo true. . . let me just say rrrrooooollllnnnn. . .LMFAO

  9. O'Sound


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