Is the age of Print, dead?

Happy Canada Day!!! (to those of you in Canada, the rest Happy Wednesday!)


How’s everybody doing? I don’t think I’m doing anything special today. If you do want something to do for a couple of hours, Mandarin is giving out free food today. The lines will be bananas so I hope you’re reading this from your laptop in the lineup. If you’re not and you want some free Chinese food head on down. The catch is you have to be a citizen (ironic right).  Whatever you do decide to partake in today, make sure you do your best to stay safe. I can’t stress the amount of crazies in this world.

(Happy 6 months to my amazing nephew Zavier <3)

Sweet baby

Sweet baby


Now that I’ve gotten that all out of the way, I’ll get to my topic. With yesterdays news of the demise of VIBE Magazine (R.I.P) it has me wondering what happened to the age of print literature. Everything is on the internet, EVERYTHING. Therefore people don’t see the point in going out and purchasing a magazine which is sad. Myself, I love buying magazines. My monthly purchases are Glamour and Cosmo, which gives me the perfect mix of fashion & life. Every now and then I’ll purchase something else because A) Beyonce is on the cover or B) Something interesting caught my eye on the cover. I love reading, I love being able to flip through a magazine and wonder what’s going to be on the next page. That’s exciting to me, therefore I find it sad that so many magazines are going under because they can’t keep up in this age of the www.


Do you guys remember when you were younger and you couldn’t wait for the new YM/Seventeen/BOP, etc to come out? I remember I used to cut out the pictures and stick them wherever they would stick and take out the posters and plaster my room with them. That was exciting. Those were the days.


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One response to “Is the age of Print, dead?

  1. OMG!! My first magazine subscription was to YM!!! *Memories*

    I was a die hard Vibe Vixen reader and when Danyel Smith(E.I.C.) took over for Vibe (blending both mags together), I continued supporting her there. Now to hear that, along with King mag, Vibe has gone under… It sucks!!!


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