Best I never saw

This week Toronto’s very own Drake released his video for the “Best I Ever Had”. I’m not going to post it here, if you want to watch it check out . The song is big, the mixtape “So Far Gone” is live we all know that… the video? Left me wondering what happened when the video treatment was being made for this song.

  • Kanye West directed the video, so I’m just wondering one thing. When he first called up Drake and said he wanted to do the video are we entirely sure that he heard the right song? Granted there are some videos that can get a bly for not “mirroring” the song, this however was not one of them. Kanye you lose.


  • The volumptious bouncing breasts in the video *yawn*. It got very old by the 2nd scene. Next time please at least get airheads that can act. Thanks!


  • I know some people don’t consider it to be a big deal, but I actually do… how come the “A Team” were all predominately lightskin females (well aware there was a brownskin in there) and the Butch females were all predominately darkskin? That is something the music industry needs to realize is not sending a good message to females growing up. I’ve been saying I wanted to write a huge blog post on this topic but I guess I’ll address it here. Why are we so stuck on the fact that light equals beauty? Do not get me wrong, I’m not saying that light skin or mixed females are not pretty (obviously not all) but are they the ONLY pretty girls in the world? I’m just saying though.  I’m sure there are going to be a couple of you saying I’m “hating” (my hating blog is coming realllllll soon) I’m just speaking my mind, if you don’t agree that’s cool you’re entitled to your own opinion.


  • The whole “Take the D” part was funny, however if that was supposed to save the video that failed miserably.


  • What happened to Drakes performance scenes? I think he had 1 scene just straight rapping. Highly stupid to me, this is his first major “Introduction to the World” he should have been more visible in the video.

There’s not much more for me to say because the video was awfully repetitive, lots of T&A with a side of jumping mascots.


All in all, you guys should know by now I’m proud to say that Drake is our own Canadian Talent. However I feel just because he’s at the “made it status” doesnt mean that he should release mediocre things  just because he can. If you’re gonna go hard, go hard! (No pun intended)

 Once again, just my opinion right… if you don’t agree, congratulations for you lol

Neeks sits and awaits the “you’re hating” comments…


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One response to “Best I never saw

  1. LMFAO @ Best I NEVER Saw….. HAA!

    Again, as I dark skinned female, I personally didn’t take offense to the A-team of light skins vs the opposing team of dark skins but I see your point… [it could be that I was just soooo over the video by the time that part came on that, I didn’t even care….].

    I agree with you tho Neeks… You can’t come out with the HOTTEST mixtape, take your BIGGEST track off that mixtape and then deliver a half-ass video just cause you think you can…. Poor ting. If he has any sense, he’ll shoot another version!

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