Dollar and a Dream

Yesterday evening there was a Final Competition for some of Toronto’s Talent called “Urban X-Posure: Triple Threat”. The premise was a showcase to figure out “Who’s Got Next” and the prize was something amazing, a Cross Country Canadian Tour as well as some other things. The finalists were:


Frankie Payne



Y Shaws

Daniel Daley (Who was out of the country and couldn’t perform, wuddup D!)

Blake Carrington

Rachelle Janety

Boombox Saints



The Winner was………………………..




Congratulations Baby! I’m soooooo proud of you, I really am. A Dollar and a Dream really does pay off. Torontofresh is oh so official.


This Thursday, July 9th 2009 if you want to see the next big thing out of Toronto come out to The Drake Hotel. Blake Carrington will be performing and I suggest that you come out as this will be his last show before heading off to LA. There will be guest performances from KJ and Brendan Doors. 

Cliff Notes:

  • Blake Carrington who is kinda like a Big Deal will be performing at The Drake Hotel
  • Located at 1150 Queen St W
  • Thursday July 9th, 2009
  • Guest performances by KJ and Brendan Doors
  • The Show Starts at 9pm
  • It’s $10 to get in. Now now, don’t shake your head I know you have $10 that you were going to waste on foolishness. You might as well spend it on Good Music







Be There!

Be There!





 I expect to see a lot of you there!



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I'm a Virgo, I love most things entertainment related. Love PHOTOGRAPHY, and Fashion.

One response to “Dollar and a Dream

  1. Congratz baby!!! WOOOOOTTTT!!!
    Is this the year for Toronto musicians or what?!

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