Word to the Wise

I was in the middle of writing another post when I got bombarded with some nonsense. I’m just putting out an FYI for the general public.

When it comes to dealing with intelligent folks, lying is not the best way. You see lying to someone all the time, insults their intelligence and I can’t stress enough to you how much of a kick in the shin that is.

However if you are going to lie, just remember a couple of key facts:

  • The world is smaller than you think, if you’re out with a guy/girl that you are *not* supposed to be with for whatever reason, do not be shocked and appalled that someone found out. Unless you wearing a hijab, chances are there will be someone that saw you.


  • Facebook ruins lives. You want to find out something on someone? You can find it out in under 10 minutes on Facebook. Trust me on that, I DO NOT slip. Oh yea, hiding tagged pictures doesn’t help. See on the left hand side of the screen? That thing called “Mutual friends” *poof* there goes your hopes and dreams of secrecy.


  • Correct me if I’m wrong but isn’t it hard enough to lie to someone constantly? I would think it’s real hard to keep up. Just because you don’t know what you want, do not waste others time. What do the Jamaicans say “Nah bodda wit it” something like that lol


I live by the words “People who don’t listen must feel”.


Neeks out!


About datchickneeks

I'm a Virgo, I love most things entertainment related. Love PHOTOGRAPHY, and Fashion.

One response to “Word to the Wise

  1. Yes Neeks, lol….

    I always live by this one: I may not find out the truth 2day, 2moro or even mths from now but I ALWAYS find out!!

    You dudes don’t know a good thing when u have it! DON’T GET CAUGHT SLIPPIN!!!

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