For the love of Moses

I am so mad right now it is ridiculous.  Those that know me, know my constant battle with my phone and Telus Mobility.


I rue the day I ever signed up with them! Another lapse in my judgement, a certain ex factor boosted to go there. Grrrr I should have realized my stupid mistake the same time he made an exit.  MOVING ALONG.


Telus seems to hate me maybe more than I hate them. Why do they think it’s appropriate for me to walk around town with this hurt phone that I have?! I think it’s cruel and unfortunate. They’ve been dangling false hopes and promises to me for the last couple months saying that they would be releasing a new Blackberry. It’s July 7th and again I’ve been duped! I’m overcharged and for what? To have a stupid phone that doesn’t even work properly? The injustice of it all. They are not the only ones that I place blame on, Blackberry/RIM is also to blame.  Is it right that not only is my phone freezing, the ball is not letting me scroll up and down, I don’t receive messages, I send out messages and it doesn’t show delivered, it deletes my call logs and msgs… did you want me to continue?


If i ever see that damn gecko or that ferret I’m gonna punch it in its nose  (not the monkey though, I love monkeys lol)


About datchickneeks

I'm a Virgo, I love most things entertainment related. Love PHOTOGRAPHY, and Fashion.

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