When it all fades away

Well hello there,


Let’s just say this post was inspired by somethings I came across today and also a question from a co-worker of mine.  It may not make much sense because as usual I’m just trying to write as it comes out.

Do you ever feel like you do too much for others and ‘invest’ alot in others sometimes before yourself? Bad move. Dont do it, don’t do it, don’t do it! Walk quickly in the other direction. On some real deal ‘ish, in most cases everyone is trying to look out for themselves right? A lot of times that means that there isn’t much left over to try to look out for others. If you keep putting yourself out there for someone that ISN’T doing the same for you. Keep it moving. What is the point in sitting around allowing yourself to get the wind knocked out of you time and time again? People only realize when it’s too late that the person that’s been by them from Day 1 throughout the garbage and goodtimes was someone to be treasured. Trust ME, been there done that. You may not think they’ll ever notice but they will, mark my words. Pride is a serious thing and it drives people to make some stupid mistakes. Most learn that the hard way. Pride is a good thing to have however when you keep it cranked at level 100 at all times, it causes you to miss out on a lot of potentially amazing things.

Ladies and Gentleman, please remember to treat those closest to you as best you can. At the end of the day there are those people that only want you because of status/wealth/looks until the next best thing comes along. Once the gold spray paint wears away what’s left? You sitting there by yourself because you forgot to tend to the real deal people you had in your life. It’s no one elses issue but your own, learn to decipher the Groupies from the Gold.  If the popularity falters, the looks fade, the money decreases who’s really still going to be standing around you? Seriously ask yourself that because let’s face it, where were they before? Yea, that’s what I thought…

Don’t get it confused this is not geared specifically at relationships but also friendships. People will do the same things to “friends”.  Let that Lover or Friend keep “Her” or “Him” close. When “Him” and “Her” are suddenly non existent we’ll see how quickly you get that phone call/facebook msg/bbm/text  or email trying to get in like Verizon. It’s so sad that its TRUE.


I’ve had my fair share of feeling unappreciated for being there for someone from the jump when noone else was. I don’t deserve it, I know what it is.I think I’ve endured MORE than enough of that, so as my girl Char and my future husband Derwin would say “Deuces!”


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One response to “When it all fades away

  1. lexx

    Honestly of all your blog posts this one really spoke to me. That’s the realest talk i’ve heard/read in a minute.

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