Performances of the Day: Destiny’s Child

Good Afternoon,


How’s everybody doing out there? Good, I’m hoping. Today, I had a couple things to do, one of which was pick up my ticket for the Beyonce Concert on Monday *woooooot woooooooot*. Too bad, there was an issue when I got there so whomp whomp for me. Hopefully everything works out for me in the next couple days, or else I will be on City Tv news and y’all will probably be embarrassed to say you read my blog lol.

So in light of the fact that my wife will be here on Monday, you will be bombarded with more postings with her involved. I don’t give a damn! Y’all should just embrace it, because she is f-a-b-u-l-o-u-s.


Here are some performances from Destinys Child that I’ve always loved. Watch, you won’t be disappointed.

This first one is of them singing the National Anthem at the All Star Game a couple years back. They demolished it. I mean really, which female groups harmonies are like this nowadays?


Pleaseeeeee watch this one, it’s Destiny’s Child singing “Let’s Wait Awhile” for a tribute for Janet Jackson a couple of years back. I remember when I saw this on tv, I was sitting there like “Damnnnn”



The last is one of my favorite performances from them. Definitely my fav. of them singing this song “Cater to you”. Such an innocent and honest performance. Everybody held it down, especially my girl Bee though. Her first verse is one of my favorites in music. The delivery is so on point! Just watch it.


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One response to “Performances of the Day: Destiny’s Child

  1. I loved the ‘Let’s Wait A While’ performance!! I remember watching that show & thinking they did GREAT!

    Whatever happend to that tribute show?

    They *SMAAASSSSHHHHEEEDDDD* the National Anthem!! vocals/ harmonies were PERFECT!

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