The Rating System

Good Morning Ladies and Gents,


How’s everybody feeling on this wonderful Monday Morning. *Insert Eye Roll Here*.  I hate Mondays with a passion, but if there wasn’t a Monday then I would just hate Tuesday so I guess I just can’t win. Today will hopefully blossom into a fantastic day. Why you ask? It’s really simple, it’s Beyonce Day. That’s all I will say.

I haven’t written on here in awhile, most has been pen to paper. I have ALOT to say on there, here I do as well it’s just a matter of making it suitable for most.  My topic comes from a discussion I was having with my homie the Cheetah Print Don (if you don’t know, get familiar).  I was wondering what is going on in the state of the World where people that generally used to be rated a 5 maybe 6 are walking around thinking they’re 10’s. What in the hell?! How and when did that happen? Seriously though, why is everybody so freaking gassed? I see it in males but I see it wayyyy more in females. I would like to start a petition to put a stop to it ASAP! Fellas, please stop gassing these mediocre females. If you want to get into her panties that’s fine and dandy, but please don’t have her walking around like she’s A class material. I don’t appreciate it, not one bit.

I’m sure you’re wondering why it has me so annoyed but I think it’s a big issue because it’s snowball effect. Girls walking around thinking that they are God’s gift to the Human race and all of a sudden, no one can talk to them! Their attitude increases towards males and females, which is never a good thing.  You know who they are, you see them on the streets, in the mall or in the club and they think they are High Class. How are you High Class and your whole entire closet consists of Urban Behaviour/Urban Planet clothing? *Blank Stare*

If that’s where you shop that’s your business but don’t walk around like “your the sh*ttttt” and you’re better than everybody.  Stay icegrilling people as if someone did something to you, ummm that’s how people get slapped! Please humble yourself, you’re not a dollar barely even a dime.  Not only do I blame the dudes, I blame songs like “Turn my Swagg On” and such for doing this to the masses. People get confused and think it was written for them or something lol. Everyone has a role to play in life, if you’re a 5 just play your position and keep it funky. Don’t let your homegirl gas you into thinking different, alot of times they want you to think you look good just so that they could look better! Hahaha. C’mon don’t act like you do not know what I’m talking about! You see a girl looking a Hot Mess and wonder silently to yourself “Where are her friends?” when really her friends were with her when she bought that outfit and looked at her with a straight face and said “Yea girl, you look good!”. STOP, cut-it-out! You know you’re lying and that is not nice. Be a good support system and tell her that, that outfit is entirely too tight or her dry head needs some grease and a flat iron.

Stop the co-signing.


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I'm a Virgo, I love most things entertainment related. Love PHOTOGRAPHY, and Fashion.

One response to “The Rating System

  1. Ugh… The co-signing is what IRKS me the most!!

    I’I saw a BIG chick in the club wearing a lace/ see through bodysuit and pumps……. *digging my eyes out!*…. but it’s not just the fact that she was BEYOND BRAVE to wear such a ridiculous and unfinished outfit, it was her “friends” that pissed me off cause they were telling her to ‘walk out’ cause she looked good……………


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