Just wondering…(2)

… Just wondering why I’m still sick. I mean I’ve been doing what I need to, to get better let’s just make it happen.   (Shut up J,  Maybe I’m not 95 but I am about 80%)

… Just wondering why I thought I needed gloves this morning on the way to work. Canada get serious

… Just wondering why this God awful garbage strike is still happening in Toronto. How embarrassing for the city. All I’m saying is that if last minute someone gets the “bright” idea to cancel Caribana activities because of it, I will personally run across the border because I want NO PART in the riots that will happen.

…Just wondering if you ever wonder what it all really means? *Shoutouts to Kanye for that song*

…Just wondering why people feel the need to come and try to hold big conversations with me at my desk when I’m clearly not in the mood. I’m coughing down the place and asking me “Are you sick?” was the most intelligent thing you could say after just annoying me for 5 minutes?

(Continued into the next day…)

… Just wondering why Beyonce Knowles is so AMAZING! I don’t understand how the woman does it, I really don’t. (More on THAT later)

… Just wondering why I can’t seem to phase the 2nd verse from “Flashing Lights” out of my head for the last couple months. Yup, I’ll wait as you go and play the song right now lol.

… Just wondering why the Chinese man thought it was appropriate to sell me such a horrible bootleg of  “The Hangover”. I can hear popcorn being made in the background, and I’m pretty sure my blackberry could have recorded it with better picture. Ughhh

… Just wondering why you’re so afraid to just try. Yes, I am talking about YOU!

… Just wondering why I am now eating McDonalds again to regain my “Summerbody Fit”. If you know me, you know I’ve been off Mickey Dees for a hot minute now. I’ve eaten it about 4 times in the last 2 weeks, it’s a slow grueling process. Don’t judge me!

… Just wondering why someone keeps allowing Frankie (Keyshia Coles mama) outside of the house and into the general public. I mean, I know I get a laugh from her but she’s clearly not normal. 

… Just wondering what everyone is doing for Caribana. It’s only a WEEK away *Blank Stare* . Doesn’t it feel like it just creeped up on you?


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I'm a Virgo, I love most things entertainment related. Love PHOTOGRAPHY, and Fashion.

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