What about your friends?

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This weather is so depressing, I cannot even put it into words. Nalini from Cp24, why have you forsaken me? I always compliment your shiny black hair and this is how you repay me? Ugggghhhhhhh.


Upon many discussions with different friends, I’ve come to the conclusion that Friendships get a big “Fail” in my books. Where is the LOYALTY? There is alot of backstabbing and what not going on. Scenario, if you are good friends or even “best” (I always use that term with a grain of salt) would you be more inclined to ride for that person? Or someone that you’ve known bout 2 minutes? I would think that answer would be a no brainer, but clearly it’s not. Seriously, can someone answer me where the loyalty went in friendship?!?! If your good friend tells you something in confidence why would you think it’s okay to go and tell some other person that’s not important what they said? Regardless of whether or not you had an argument, I still think there should be some kind of line that shouldn’t be crossed. If you’re trying to win points with the other person, I’m not the person for you to use as a guinea pig. Believe it! You’re just creating stupid problems. 

Another scenario, if someone says something about your ‘good’ friend to you wouldn’t you defend them? I mean that’s what friends do right? Again where is the loyalty? People talking smack to you about your homie and you just sit there and allow it? No way Jose, not in my world.

Do not claim people as friend when it’s convenient to you, but when you’re really tested you prove not to be there in the clutch. 

Learn the difference between “friend”, acquaintance and random.


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