Toronto: You are WILDIN’

Good morning folks,

So as always when I’m getting ready for work, I have cp24 playing in the background to get caught up on news happening in the world. This morning, I see that yet ANOTHER Toronto service is going to strike.  The VIA Rail has announced they will be going on strike as of 12pm today. Hmmm, okay let me just gather my thoughts here. The services already on strike are:

Garbage Pickup

Daycare Centres

Island Ferry Service

Parks and Recreation

Public Libraries

Permits for Wedding Photos in parks,cancelled

Beaches are affected because there is no daily monitoring of Water Quality

Emergency services “low level” calls are affected. Ummm HUH?

Now the VIA Rail


Okay just one question, am I the ONLY damn person that is still working? WTF! No seriously, you people are taking it too damn far now man. Now I do not want to publish inaccurate information but throughout this last month that these strikes have been going on, I STILL cannot get a simple answer as to WHY they are on strike! I’ve heard talks of wanting more money (they want a %3 pay increase) and also more sick days. That is damn funny because I would love to get a free pair of Christian Louboutin shoes and a weekly rendezvous with T.I but unfortunately WE DON’T GET EVERYTHING WE WANT IN LIFE! Are they being serious right now, or am I being punked? The Garbagemen make some damn good money the last time I checked and to even top that it’s a bloody recession! You are WILDIN right now. Poor poor Toronto, you are looking a hot mess *pun intended*. This is prime time for tourism and the best we can offer is garbage piled up on the floor outside of garbage cans and a stinky mess to inhale on top of the smog and pollution. How embarrassing. The city keeps tip toeing around the fact that Caribana may indeed be cancelled, ha! Listen if those Cupe Strikers downtown value their health and safety, I think they better smarten up because honestly I wouldn’t want to be them if that happens. Sweet baby Jesus, please provide these people with your infinite wisdom because it’s clear they are lacking. The amount of revenue that comes into the City this time of year is ridiculous. The hotel bookings from people travelling from the States and people that already live in the city, the food vendors trying to make some extra change,  the masqueraders that paid their deposit and are prepped to play Mas (grrrrrrrrr), the people that went and spent their life savings on a new ‘fit for the club and the $50 ticket for that said club. I can go on for days. Needless to say all these strikes makes me quite annoyed!


 Cut out the foolishness for 2009 Toronto.


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