Random thoughts

Good Morning peoples,


Soooo is everyone excited for this weekend? I can’t believe it’s Caribana ALREADY! Usually people say that once Caribana passes summer is done, so since we haven’t had a summer yet does that mean it will officially start? I hope so… As you guys know I’ve been fighting a sickness for awhile now and just when it started to push its way out, I’ve been getting sicker as the days progress. I blame the rain, I got caught in it 1 to many times. This weather sucks so badly.

So is everybody partying it up this weekend? I know there are alot of things going on this weekend, I’m not really into the partying Caribana weekend. For many different reasons.  I will be out at least once though, shake my donk a little bit lol. The parade though, I will be playing Mas and I’m a little nervous. When I signed up, I knew the costume was gonna be skimpy but when I got it, it morphed slightly. It really leaves nothing to the imagination= SCARY. I’m just going to throw the insecurites to the wind and remember, I’m not the only one going to be out there. Please say a short prayer for me lol.

Moving along…

I finally and I do mean FINALLY upgraded myself  *cue Beyonce* and it felt really good… until Telus had to knock me in my funny bone (y’all know how much that hurts, I never understood why it’s called a “funny” bone and there is nothing funny about it). So Telus has been having a system outage for the last couple days and the idiot that I spoke to told me it would only take 30 minutes-4 hours for my phone to be switched over. I said fine because I could afford it at that point, it’s now 24 hours later and it’s STILL not working? No thanks, you can keep all of that. I’ve called Telus approximately 7 times in the last 2 days, I don’t even think that’s normal. So if you’ve been trying to reach me on bbm and it wasn’t working, there is your answer. My damn internet isn’t working either. Did I mention, Damn You Telus?


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