The Art of Communication



I swear I’m so frustrated, it’s not even funny! Telus is out to ruin my life, I’m sooo convinced. My Blackberry messenger and Internet has not been working for 2 days and I feel out of touch with the whole world. I mean what’s the point in even having this damn phone right now? Yea, okay they keep throwing perks at me but who cares?! I just want my phone to work like it’s supposed to, that’s it. I swear Jay, you were on point with that Previous “To BBM or Not” Post. I emphasize with you, because I realize noone gives a damn about me. I have contacts on my BBM list that I talk to and everyone is cussing me wondering “what’s wrong with your phone” however no one  has called me or text me (Except you Char). It’s quite clear, us in the Blackberry World are spoiled as hell lol. No access to the internet and bbm makes me feel utterly useless, cause I have no idea what’s going on. I needed to find an address 2 days ago, so I pulled out my phone to Google it and “DAMN IT” (That’s a variation of what I said)  to my pissed off state of mind already, no internet!!!!

Telus this feud shall continue until Kingdom Come.


A couple days ago I was having a discussion with my friends about the breakdown in communication nowadays. It seems that in the age of texting, bbm’ing,facebooking, twittering, msn’ing we don’t know how to talk to people anymore. People will converse over these mediums with ease but when it comes to talking over the phone or actually being around that person there is little to no conversation. Pretty strange to me. Is it because it’s that much easier to hide behind these things? If you’re forced to be around someone you have to show some kind of personality, not everyone is comfortable with doing so. Personally, I’m not that big on the phone anymore it really depends on who it is. If you call me and then you think that listening to silence is fun, please do not bother to call me. If you don’t know how to have an intelligent conversation then kindly keep it moving. It seems that our generation needs to be re-trained in the aspect of a healthy conversation. There are so many things in life to talk about besides Music/Movies/Celebrity Life/Sex and Parties. It seems that if it isn’t any of those topics, you’ll get a bunch of  “ummm” “uhhhhh” and “hmmmm”. I’m not saying that you can’t talk about those topics because let’s be real some of them are awfully interesting, however there is a lot more to life. We all seem to be “dumbed down” permanently, and I don’t even know if this will ever change. Pretty sad if you ask me…


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One response to “The Art of Communication

  1. Awww Neeks *hug*

    I would call but, in my defense, I don’t have your number!!


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