Wukking up… wukking up

Good morning ALL! 

I feel like it’s been a hot a** minute! This weekend was Caribana Weekend in Toronto (Torontos Carnival) and it was pretty hectic for me. The parade which was held on Saturday August 1st up and along the Lakeshore was busy just like every year passed. This year myself and some of my friends decided to play Mas with Carnival Nationz in the Morning Glory section and boy was it a great idea. We had so much fun, it was crazy. Throwing your inhibitions to the wind and just partying in the streets to some sweet soca music is always a good look.  The amount of people that asked to take pictures with us was crazy, I’m on a lot of folks cameras (hopefully looking proper). For the most part people were just having a nice time there was some foolishness that occurred which really pisses me off. Why do people always have to try and ruin someone elses fun? As always the Americans came down to whine up and mack the Canadian cuties and some of the Canadian boys decided to pretend to be American (wack).  My friend asked this one guy “Where you from” he replied “Detroit” , so I gave him the side eye because I knew he wasn’t. A couple minutes later he said “nah nah, I’m from Mississauga”, I looked at him and said “Thank you, because I was going to call you out”. Why lie? Lameeeeee!  I saw so many friends, acquaintances, frenemies, phonies, formers, potentials (?, doubt it) out there. Received some marriage requests, funny pick up lines, had a lot of cool conversations all in good fun. All that jumping up and waving did my body good.  Did I mention that Carnival Nationz won BAND OF THE YEAR?  Silly me, how I could I forget to mention that small tidbit. Goodtimes indeed

My lovely ladies

My lovely ladies


Myself and Mr Summerbody fit himself, Blake Carrington

Myself and Mr Summerbody fit himself, Blake Carrington


Way more pics will be added. 

Sunday Night, myself and my homegirls went to an Elite Boatride.  The music was banging, the people umm not so much. Not our type of crowd and also I felt out of place because I think on the ticket there was some kind of fine print saying you needed to bring a man or something. Needless to say we had fun except for a few things. Number 1, why were girls dressed like they were going to Square One on a Tuesday? Ummm hello? Can you step your game up for 2009? Number 2, why was the boat speeding? I felt at times that I was on Amazing Race or something. Number 3, why did our cabbie try to kick us out of his cab in the middle of nowhere downtown? He was getting a little unruly and thankfully (for him) he regained his senses and drove us to our destination. Despite all of that, I had a wicked night. Maybe it had to do with all that drinking. Who told me to have approx.8 shots of Vodka plus Smirnoffs? Gooooooodtimessssssss indeed. 


Ladies looking fly

Ladies looking fly




More pics coming soon.
I hope everyone had an amazing and safe Caribana Weekend!



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