Just Wondering (3)

… Just wondering why when I woke up this morning I seriously thought it was Fall. I crawled out of bed and layed on the floor and fell asleep for another 30 min. You know when it’s cold in your room and outside and your body just can’t seem to wake up?

… Just wondering why when people are mad at you and either ignore you, act rude or disrespect you then when they are good and “over it” you are magically supposed to be too. I discussed this with my girl about a month ago and she sees the same thing. Just because you came to your senses doesn’t mean I haven’t been fully intact all this time. You didn’t give a sh** about me and my well being and now because you realized I’m datchick, I’m supposed to be peachy keen? Life doesn’t work like that.

…Just wondering why I haven’t been to Wonderland once yet for the “summer”?

… Just wondering why people magically remember who I am once they a) Saw me in my costume or B) Remembered I’m the best they ever/never had. Don’t get caught slippin


… Just wondering why this female thinks that wearing club gear and a FULL face of makeup is appropriate for everyday work attire. One day I got confused and almost went home to put on my daisy dukes and 6 inch heels but I remembered where I was just before leaving the door.


… Just wondering how your life feels now? Happier? Stressfree? Now that I’m out of the picture.


About datchickneeks

I'm a Virgo, I love most things entertainment related. Love PHOTOGRAPHY, and Fashion.

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