Bye Bye Paula

Good morning folks,


So, Paula Abdul has officially given her walking papers from American Idol.


Does anybody really feel sad? She got it poppin with the male (and by male, I mean boy) contentestants, had no constructive criticism other than “You were fabulous” or “Wow, you are my fav Im so proud”. Are you serious woman?  I hope she put aside some pennies and didn’t expense it all on her booze and Vicodin. It’s hard out here for a pimp.


Can we give some news coverage to things of actual importance now? Like the people that are killing themselves and their families because they lost their jobs due to the recession. Or the people that are starving over on the other side of the world. You know the media really annoys me, yes I love celebrity gossip just like the next person however it’s not the only thing that I should be seeing once I turn on the tv. We cannot turn a blind eye to things that are going on, just because it’s sad or heartbreaking. How about we try to do something to fix it? I don’t give a damn if Paris or Lindsay bought a burger today and then had a 25,000 shopping spree at Prada instead of the 150,000 they usually spend. That doesn’t make them “normal” people.  Pay attention to the news, read the newspapers other than the Gossip section there’s a whole other world out there that you need to know about… you know the ‘real’ world.


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