Looking at, Looking at, Looking at ME

“Looking at, Looking at, Looking at me. Eyes on me like honey to a bee…”


You ever notice that quite a few people have some serious staring problems. I mean, is it that serious for you to be looking that hard? It’s really not polite, not in the slightest. I don’t even too much know you like that.  My homie Char and I were sitting outside my place yesterday and this guy who I recently became acquainted with came outside my building with another male friend and 2 female friends/girlfriends/jumpoffs (me nah know and me nah care) so I smiled at the guy that I was familiar with he stared into the car and kept it moving but homegirls behind him must not have liked that. They stared inside the car from once they came out the building, started passing the car and even once past the car. Whoa, whoa WOW. CAN YOU RELAX?!? Even Char was pretty freaking confused because there was no need for all of that Tom Foolery. I often wonder why Black girls can’t just smile at another black girl. Why must it always be on some kind of cut eye? For what? It’s rare that you see a black girl and she just smiles and doesn’t have the “black girl attitude” that we are known for having. You need to moss, it’s really not that serious. If you want me to bring it to you like that, I can surely play your game and I’m sure I’ll win it. 

Sometimes I find that girls are looking staring grilling because they like something that you’re wearing. That’s fine, but why can’t you just say “I like your shoes”, or even just give that other female the look like “yea you look good girl”. Is it just me, but am I the only girl that compliments other girls, even girls I don’t even really know. I’ll tell people straight up, I love your dress, hair, shoes whatever. Why is that so hard? There’s no harm in that. Don’t ice grill me because you think I look good, what cotton picking sense does that make.

Lastly the guys that grill you because they think you look good? Huh? You are staring me down so hard that I think you know the shape of my kitty kat and I’m wearing baggy jeans and a tee. Dude, if you want to approach me just do it and get it over with. Do not stare me down, that’s creepy as hell and I don’t appreciate it. Stalker vibes are not a good look, it never is.


About datchickneeks

I'm a Virgo, I love most things entertainment related. Love PHOTOGRAPHY, and Fashion.

3 responses to “Looking at, Looking at, Looking at ME

  1. Renee M

    those tricks are wack buddy next time someone stares at me i”ll moon them …LMAO

  2. You are BEYOND loved my friend.
    & chicks are haters… Nuff said!

  3. Yooooo i’m sayiiiiin those tricks were all up in and on the whip like i stole it from their baby daddies or some shit cha… *kiss teet* summer time catties..

    Asia F.

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