Paper Hearts

Well hello there,


I’ve been slightly M.I.A, for those that were still checking up on me you know I appreciate you.  It’s been a pretty good weekend so far, Friday I added to my piercing collection. Ohh how I love my piercings, tat’s are not for me. You know it’s funny cause a lot of people get these meaningless wack as heck tattoos just to say they have them. Hilarious to me. Originality is a thing of the past nowadays.


Saturday one of the many things I did was check out the new independent film “Paper Hearts”. It stars Charlene Yi (Knocked Up) and Canada’s Own Michael Cera (Superbad, Juno, etc). The movie is a very quirky docu/mocumentary. The premise is Charlene (who wrote the movie) is trying to find the definition of love seen through peoples eyes as she believes she is incapable of love.  I know you’re probably thinking borrrrringggggg, really it’s not for everybody. When i saw the preview, based on the fact that Michael Cera was in it alone made me want to see it. The concept was different to me, so I really wanted to see it.

My thoughts? Very eye opening in different ways. At certain points, I felt as though I was Charlene. The general confusion of what love really means and how it’s expressed really resonated with me. The older I get the more I realize that love is not a standard definition (as I wrote about in a previous blog post).  If you ask 50 people what love means to them, you will get 50 different answers with many examples to prove their points. Personally I believe that is why Love is so hard nowadays, because love means something different to each individual it makes it that much easier to be hurt. I know, when I love (whether it be platonic or romantic) I love hard. I’m loyal and I believe that if you say you love me, you should be too. Love isn’t always easy, it’s never perfect it’s not always like an episode of the Cosby Show. There will be rough patches and that’s okay, as long as you both resolve to get through it everything will work out. A lot of people won’t understand that, they think that it’s always supposed to be fairy tale like that’s how you get disappointed. We are not supreme beings, we will make mistakes that’s a given in life. If you can’t make a mental note to correct the previous mistakes you made (because again YOU are not perfect) you will forever have that empty feeling of love. I can ramble on and on for days about this. I’m just going to drop the lyrics from a track that Charlene sings in the movie. I really dig it.

“Magic Perfume” by Charlene Yi

Ohh ohhh oh oh oh oh, oh oh oh oh ohhhhh

What’s that I smell on you?

Is it magic perfume?

Cause I swear to God, you smell just like Christmas

To me..

Well yea you, are my Christmas Tree you mean everything to me.

You mean everything to me.

And you are my shooting star,

If you shoot me in my heart then I’ll fall apart.

Whoaaa ohh

You lift me up when I’m down.

Whoaaa ohhh

Pick me up off the ground


I don’t know if that’s such a good idea because you’re way down there and I’m way up here.

You have really long arms so why don’t you use them to hold me tight.

Ohh ohhh oh oh oh oh, oh oh oh oh ohhhhh

Ohhh ohhh oh oh oh, oh oh oh oh oh ohhhhhh…


Weird as hell, I know but isn’t that what love is?




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