Good Evening all,


Talk about a LOSE week. Everything outside of work was pretty good, for the most part. Work itself has been my own personal hell. Unfortunately at my job I have the task of training most people that come through that place whether they last for 2 months, 2 weeks or 2 days ( I’ve seen it happen, they couldn’t handle it and punked out). The task of training someone is very long and tedious, I mean when you do it all the time it feels like you’re a broken record or some kind of ho ( same task, multiple partners). What’s more grueling than training someone new? Training someone new that gets on every last nerve running through your body.

For me to train someone, it forces me to be behind on my work… very behind. Not to mention, I can’t work at my own pace everything has to be on remedial mode. Meet Diego & Dora (names have been changed), 2/3 of the trainees. So based on the names given, the English is lacking. Dora tries her little heart out, and I rate her for that. Diego on the other hand has resolved to test my patience. His English is more advanced than Doras however his work ethics are down right facety. How do you stroll in when you want to, walk away while I’m training you, answer your phone and have a long conversation en espanol, daydream as I’m training you, stare at my lips (and any other body part) as I’m training you…. shall I go on? Clearly you are on your own time, and you believe this is Happy Mojito hour. I mean, I know I’ve been wanting to feel as though I’m in the Dominican but this is too damn far now. He wants me to go loco on him, that must be it. Has to be. If and when you guys hear my name on the news, you’ll know why.


I’m just sayin…


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One response to “Drained…

  1. LMFAO!

    I’m sooooo surprised you haven’t choked his ass yet! You have more patience then me my friend…. & as for him staring at your parts……….. THAT’S AN INSTANT PUNCH IN THE FACE!!

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