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Good morning peoples!


Today is gonna be a nice and HOT day, what I’ve been waiting for. I know 40 degree weather may not be the most pleasant but beggers can’t be choosers. We’ve been waiting for hot weather so now that we have it we should just enjoy it. So this morning when I woke up, why did I fall back asleep on my bathroom mat? Yikes, hardtimes. Then I took my shower and fell asleep naked on my bed for another 15-20 minutes. Who told me that was okay? Geez.


Anyways I know, I’m probably gonna piss some people off with this one but when have I ever not given my opinion?


So yesterday I decided to actually watch the MTV show “16 and Pregnant” since there was nothing else on. I’ve always opted out of watching that show because really what kind of message is it sending? If you’re 16 you can get the oppurtunity to be on an MTV show for the world to see. Does anyone else see a problem with that? Since highschool myself and friends have always spoke about the increasing trend of young females getting pregnant. What’s even worse than a young girl getting pregnant? A young girl getting pregnant with a deadbeat guy. Ladies, if he was a deadbeat BEFORE you got pregnant why in God’s name would you think he would change once you have his child. Arggghhhhhhhh. Then some of you have the nerve to complain about these guys not doing anything for your kid and not giving money. Has anyone ever heard of child support? Last time I checked you did not make the baby yourself so why are you the only parent putting in work?

My 2nd point in all of this is, I know this has been going on for ages but females getting pregnant to “trap” a man is so low I cannot even put it into words. I know a triflin chickenhead that did that and to this day she’s still insecure and doesn’t trust her triflin man *Thanks trick!*. So by you getting pregnant for him you thought that would make him love you more or stay by you through thick and thin? LOL, oh man that ‘ish is so laughable to me. You are pathetic and I feel sorry for your offspring.


My 3rd point is those mothers that are in the club everyday of the week and then post pics of their kids on Facebook as if to prove they are top notch moms. Huh? Do NOT get it twisted, I’m not saying that once you have a kid your life stops. Not in the slightest, HOWEVER if you are at every single event day or night when do you have time with your kids?  Yes, you’re thinking right now “Neeks you’re wrong, just because someone is out doesn’t mean they’re not spending quality time with their kid”. Actually I’m speaking off of specific examples right now.

My last point is why do some females use their children as a fashion accessory? I mean a baby is not a dress up toy. I see folks that talk about having kids to dress them up in Jordans and the latest clothes. Ummm, hello if you cannot afford the Value menu at McDonalds I think you should be worrying about other things. Check your priorities, seriously. What is the purpose in buying a newborn kid all namebrand clothing when they are just going to grow it out in 3 weeks? Stupidity breeds ignorance man. I’m not saying don’t have your child dressed nice because that’s another thing I cannot take, you are dressed to the nines and your kid looks like Raggedy Ann/Andy. That’s not cool either but learn to find that happy medium.


To all my friends that have children and take care of them to their best abilities, I rate it. I know it’s hard at times but continue doing you, and everything else will fall into place.

To all the raggamuffin chicks pretending to be good moms, do better! Take notes from a good mom trust me, you need it.


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I'm a Virgo, I love most things entertainment related. Love PHOTOGRAPHY, and Fashion.

2 responses to “The Baby Club

  1. Renee M

    LMAO….oh man point number 3 …is SOOOO BIG!!!!!!!!!!….I RATE VERYTHING YOUR SAYING……IVE SEEN IT TRUST ME….

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