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Another rough morning, holy moly. My body is soooo sore from my game, I need a massage like crazy. I already tried soaking in epsom salts and I still feel really stiff and sore. It’s always something.

My next post sparks from a line that Kanye West sings in “Knock You Down”.

“How could a goddess ask, someone that’s only average…For advice, OMG, you listen to that bitch? ”


That’s such a big line to me, because it’s SO TRUE. I have a lot of different points that in my head, hopefully I can formulate it in a way for you guys to understand what I mean. 

Next I want you guys to read this:

Karrine Steffans’ third book, a self-help guide to relationships for women, The Vixen Manual: How to Find, Seduce and Keep the Man You Want went on sale in the summer of 2009. Featuring graphic sexual depictions and no-nonsense language, Steffans told The Today Show that the book is meant to tell women of all ages the many things that Steffans wished she knew when she was younger.

Am I the only person scratching their head thinking “What the ass?”. That must be a joke, and a very unfunny one at that. So, we as women are expected to take advice from a woman nicknamed “Superhead” on how to keep a man, yet every man she’s ever wanted has left her because she’s a skeeze. Yea, SURE that’s precisely what I’m going to do *blank stare*.  So this ties into my original quote from Kanye, why do we take advice from people that really have NO BUSINESS giving advice to us? Ladies, your man is acting up so you go to advice from a girl that’s NEVER kept a relationship for longer than 3 months or a girl that’s known for sleeping around heavy and what does she tell you “He’s no good, LEAVE HIM”. He could have said he was going to call and didn’t, what does she tell you “He’s an ass, ditch him” lol. What? Are we adults here? Ladies, that one female may be your “friend” but sometimes we need to check the sources. There are those girls that are lonely themselves and don’t want you to be happy either so tell you the most asinine advice ever. The same works for males of course, those males that only sleep around with girls and don’t know how to properly express feelings trying to advise their boy on how to treat their lady. That’s like 2+4 = 15, ‘ish just doesn’t add up. It’s funny some of the things you’ll hear from your friends. Even when it comes to general life advice, someone that has nothing going for them is always the 1st to instruct you on how to live YOUR life. For what? You have nothing productive to tell me so how about you go sit down in a corner somewhere.


Please folks always consider your source, the next time the neighbourhood groupie tells you how to live your life like Rihanna.


Rant done


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4 responses to “Advice Guru

  1. Well said my friend!!

    It’s clear to me that this chick equates mutli-penis intake with knowledge and it’s a damn shame that she has publishers who are backing up this garbage!! I’m a bit offended and very confused by her GALL to try and educate the yonger generation (who are already failing at life miserably)… Honestly, how can one slutbag teach another slutbag on how to be a lady and keep her man? RUDE!

    **The blind continues to lead the blind**

    Don’t get me wrong, I love to hear about successful and positive black people but I’m sorry, don’t come tell me you slept your way there and think you have the RIGHT to educate others. No Karrine, I don’t want, need or care for your RELATIONSHIP advice!!


  2. Have you got an rss feed? I can’t find the icon can you give me the link to subscribe to, thanks.

  3. Adding this article to my favourites.

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