Shhhhhh… Don’t say a word.

Hey folks,


I am so tired. Extremely tired. Deadly tired. My eyes are swollen and are just begging me to close them and not re-open for another 2-4 days. Last night, I attended the video shoot for Toronto R&B artist Trish. There were alot of Canada’s heavyhitters on location, from the dancers, choreographers, stylists, makeup artists and just those on set to show  support to Trish. I’ll update this later though, I can’t think that clear right now.


This is a lot easier to write because I’m not recollectating anything but rather speaking from the top of my head as I often do. Lately, I have come to the conclusion that I need to learn to hold my tongue. Ha, I know some of you are thinking “FINALLY!” and rejoicing and what not. Don’t get me wrong, I’m going to continue to blog but in person it will be a different story. For instance, I’m the type of person that when someone tells me something I listen and store it in a little corner in my head for future reference. When that future reference comes along and I need to pick out that piece of information with that same person whether it be to clarify or to call them out on a “fib” it typically leads to a problem. How that’s my fault, Heaven only knows… My mind operates that if I’m not clear about something I will ask, because it’s always better to ask the source than deduce information (even though, I’m almost never off. Seriously!) Here’s where I get into problems though, people do not appreciate you questioning something they’ve once told you, even if it’s in an innocent manner. They tend to believe that you are trying to be a jerk, when really you just want to make sure that C comes after B. Sometimes I have the tendency to have a question burning in my mind then ask it only to think “Why did you even bother?”. Seriously, why even bother? If I think that people are moving in a way I’m not particularly pleased with, OH WELL, I must leave them to their own devices.  I can only do me, which I absolutely love to do. *Pause* , nah f that *UN-PAUSE*.  So the next time, I’m having a conversation with you and you say something expecting me to react do not be surprised if I just smile and nod or laugh it off.  Sounds freeing already…


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I'm a Virgo, I love most things entertainment related. Love PHOTOGRAPHY, and Fashion.

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