Group of the Day

Back to our regular scheduled program.

This group took the world by STORM. We all had our favorites, mine would rotate. I always loved Scary and Baby, but sometimes Posh or Sporty would make the list. I had the packaged post card looking pictures, I wanted the dolls (never got it), I wanted the Sketchers (got the bootlegs to it lol). I had the concert on VHS, and I sure did see the movie in theatres. If  for some crazy reason you don’t know who I’m talking about, it’s none other than The Spice Girls.  They yelled “Girl Power” with the peace sign and we all followed back. I knew the choreography to a tee, I would dance with them. They sang songs that for their target audience (Pre-teen/teenage girls) we maybe had no business singing but we sang it anyways. C’mon “I need some love, like I never needed love before… wanna make love to ya baby”. What the heck did I know about that in Grade 7?  Nothingggggg, but I sang my little heart out anyway. They have a whole catalogue of hits, and to this day I still bump them.

Here they are with some of them, I obviously can’t pick them all.

This song made no damn sense at some points and we sang it anyway lol


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