Good luck with that

Holy moly, I’ma just say this and get it over with cause it’s been brewing in me.

I give people chances cause hey we all make mistakes but when has enough become enough?

That’s a question I ask myself all the time as formers that want to become futures come in and out of the woodworks. Now let’s talk for a second here, there are formers (ex’s, sex’s, just people you used to “talk” to) that for whatever reason you guys ended it amicably. Maybe at the time there was noone at fault and it was just something that needed to be done (distance, time issues, etc). You may have remained in contact as friends or just checked in on each other every once in awhile.  That’s stuff that can be worked upon.

However there are somethings I believe cannot be worked upon and that is disrespect! Why are you calling my phone down? Why are you sending me facebook msgs? Why are you asking my friends about me? Why are you here? and how did you get here? I mean really though. You didn’t care enough to realize that putting the Trick of the Day in place of me was a bad look. You did it and realized that this is what’s up? Holy crow, thanks for stroking my *big* ego but you can move to the left, to the left with all of that. You know what you did was real shady. You completely blew me off and didn’t even as so much check for me (while said trick(s) was keeping you busy), “now that she’s gone, you wanna come back” *cue the Destiny’s Child track*. WOW, what would have ever given you the impression that you had it like that? That’s laughable. I guess, I can give you an A for effort with the amount of times you ask me to chill and I decline. Kudos to you bro!


About datchickneeks

I'm a Virgo, I love most things entertainment related. Love PHOTOGRAPHY, and Fashion.

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