My love through a lense

Good morning,


 I woke up this morning strongly believing I didn’t have to work today. Too bad I was WRONG! Oh so wrong 😦 moving right along before I get angry just thinking bout it.


Have you ever just went through your picture collection? Whether it be digital or a real printed pic? From time to time I do that. I love photography, its my affection. What better way to see the behavior of species than through a still picture. You capture the very essence of that moment. By my astrological sign, I’m an analyzer, therefore I’ll look at a picture past the smile or scowl. At times I feel as though I should be a body language analyst for People because in a lot of cases they are spot on. For instance, when I was with my former I remember one of my friends mentioning how sickening it was to see us in real life and pics because she could see or almost smell the love. On the same token on the ends of that said relationship the pictures we had showed what was going to be the inevitable, the end.


Every couple of years it seems I lose my whole picture catalogue and each time it succeeds in making me cry.  I’m so serious right now. Over thousands of pictures lost, just like that. I gained sense and put them on a hard-drive and to my luck, the hard-drive malfunctioned and there goes another couple thousand pics (no boost). I’ve lost so many different eras of me growing up. The good, the bad and the ugly *shut up, we all have our uggo phases*. That still hurts me to this day. Through pictures you can see how much you’ve changed physically year to year or even month to month.

Throughout my career as a photographer, my goal is to show beauty in things that may not necessarily be beautiful. Shine light on things that others shun upon. The cliche is so true, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. I see beauty in the strangest of things, trust me if you ever saw my picture catalogue *tear* you would understand what I mean. That’s why I think there are so many photographers in the game. Everyone has a different outlook on what is unique and special and they just want the world to see it through their lense (eyes). I can’t knock that at all. I’m considered a newbie in the game but I plan to stick around a long time, I sure do. Love your craft and I believe it will love you back. You just have to know how to stroke it, ha lemme stop….


About datchickneeks

I'm a Virgo, I love most things entertainment related. Love PHOTOGRAPHY, and Fashion.

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