2 Sides

Good morning, good morning.


I’m tired and hungry, I would say that’s a deadly combination. It’s my own fault why I’m tired so I’m definitely not complaining.

Like most things I write, it’s from personal experiences. So the person that’s involved do not get mad, I’m just putting the message out there.


Anyhow, you know how many problems/issues could be solved or at least tamed if people would hear out BOTH sides of the story? Instead of assuming why someone thinks the way that they do, hey simple thought… why don’t you just ask the other party? Alot of miscommunications would be cleared up quicker. There’s no harm in it. Especially not for the type of person that I am. If you ask me a question, I’ll answer it to the best of my ability. I don’t do things because I’m “crazy”, typically I have a very good explanation for the things that I do and I can explain it to you… if you just asked me. Think of how many situations would just disappear if we all made a better effort to do just that. At times we’re so stuck on listening to one side of the story, that eventually we begin to think lopsided. If all you’ve ever been told is that the sky is blue, the first sight of a rainstorm you’re going to be confused as hell.  Not everything is to be taken at face value, because people put on different faces to suit the situation.  Keep it one hundred with yourself and those around you. Listen to both sides of the story and then you start to see where the holes are. Trust me, it really works. We’re not mind readers, so it’s a lot easier to just address it and call it a day. 


In the words of Ms.Frizzle  “Take chances, make mistakes, get messy!”


About datchickneeks

I'm a Virgo, I love most things entertainment related. Love PHOTOGRAPHY, and Fashion.

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