Song of the Day: Green Light

In honor of the Baddest Chicks B’Day aka Miss Beyonce Knowles Carter, she would obviously get song of the day. Here are 2 songs from her album “B’Day”

What do I keep telling you guys, Virgos are oh so official!


|”I’m immune you can’t get no colder… you got the Green Light, you the King right? You’re holding up traffic Green means GO!|


“On top of you calling me back, you see I bet you think it’s all on track… and you acting like it’s all’a dat…”


About datchickneeks

I'm a Virgo, I love most things entertainment related. Love PHOTOGRAPHY, and Fashion.

3 responses to “Song of the Day: Green Light

    she’s effin fierce..that is all i have to say about this trick

    Asia F has spoken!

  2. If I went to the club and they played the whole B’Day album start to end, I would lose my mind and probably leave with a pulled hamstring.

    Green Light is my fav from the album. B is soo good at choosing songs that have deceiving titles. For example:

    Green Light – sounds like it means you can come talk to me but it actually means FOOL

  3. Char, YOU KNOW!

    Shannon: Someone who finally understands! I feel the same, I could hear the whole album and jam the sammmmeeee way. Green light is also my fav from there, so clever.
    You are even live-r to me now lol. Yes, I do read your blog. Loves it!

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