We’ll never forget

Morning Folks,


Today is a very major day for different reasons, apart from me deeming it “Jigga Day” there are more underlying reasons as to why this day is so important. 8 years ago today, do you remember what you were doing at 8:46am? On any other day of any other year I’m sure you would be like “What is this girl even asking me, how am I supposed to know that” but this day was oh so different. I remember quite well, I was sitting in Science class not paying attention when someone came and told our to teacher to put on the news. We sat there and looked at the screen as we saw 1 of the buildings deemed the “Twin Towers” in a cloud of smoke and haze. All of us students as well as our teacher sat there in awe trying to process what we were looking at. Noone knew what exactly it all meant, we thought it was an accident of some kind. A pilot made a wrong turn of some kind and wrongfully flew into a building. We all sat there and prayed for everyone to come out okay and then it happened a 2nd plane hit at 9:03am. Then we realized that’s too much of a coincidence. This was all so new to us, we were all still relatively innocent minded. My teacher and some of us sat there in tears realizing the immense loss of life. Once the news started reporting of a “Terror attack” then the panic really started to ensue amongst the masses. The whole world was terrified. We left our classes and those of us with family in New York all felt extremely worried, even though we live in Canada does not mean we could not be affected by this. As I write this I have goosebumps because recalling it all makes me feel like I’m there again. The aftermath a couple days later was absolutely devastating. The amount of fathers, mothers, children that were killed was so high. The amount of heartbreaking stories of people bawling about their lost family member could bring anyone to tears. 8 years later, let’s not forget this day. Say a prayer for those that lost their lives and their families, say a prayer that you’re still alive. When those people took their 1st breath that morning on September 11th,2001 they never dreamed what their lives had in store. Everyday is not promised, make sure you acknowledge that in your day-to-day lives.


Rest in peace to all those lost in 9/11, we’ll never forget.


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