VMA’s 2009= Very Moody A-hole

Good morning folks,

I had decent birthday, very low-key. I’m still accepting dinner offers and what not, don’t you worry. To all those that actually gave a damn (not forced or anything like that) thanks, I appreciate it.

Last night, you know I was all up and over those MTV Video Music Awards. So per usual, I will do my brief recap on what happened for those of you that missed it.

1. First scene right off the bat, who dressed Madonna? She looked like an extra from the movie “Practical Magic”.

2. The MICHAEL JACKSON TRIBUTE WAS FIREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE. Are you guys hearing me right now? You don’t know how touched I was, they were killing that whole stage. I had tears while watching it, yet I wasn’t sad at all. Just extremely excited and just reminded of how much of an influence Michael had on the whole dance world.

…and then Janet came out. Oh brother, no pun intended. Janet reminded us of why she’s so loved and really represented for her brother and family. Nah f that the WORLD. We all loved Michael and Janet did us all proud. The superimposed screen with her dancing “with” Michael? Bananas.

3. Then what should have been an extreme high from then on out quickly turned to a low. Taylor Swift (who I like) won an award for Best Female video. Y’all know I strongly believed my wife Beyonce should have won that, we all did. However Kanye decided to do the b*tchass move of the night and rain on her parade. You know when you feel embarrassed for someone so bad to the point that you feel like it’s you? I was embarassed for Taylor and for Beyonce. Kanye singlehandedly ruined what should have been a happy moment for someone into making them feel like trash. The focus was on the show was supposed to be Michael but now we’re all going to be taking about the Grinch that stole the mic Kanye. Ugghhhhhhh.

*Small sidenote: I’ve ALWAYS voiced my distaste for Kanye, he irks me on so many levels. There’s a fine line between good cocky and being  just a prick (ohhh clever wording Neeks lol)*

Moving right along, I’m not trying to give his tacky behind more thought.

4. Not alot of people realized that Jack Black led the audience through a prayer to Satan. What in the name of all things holy? That was not funny, not even a little …not even the pity ‘lol’ that you give people over the internet funny. Why was that ALLOWED? Also where was the relevance to anything.

5. Lady Gaga. Need I say anymore? I mean, she pleasantly surprised me with her voice. The 4 or so outfit changes, I felt like I was watching rejects from the Muppets on Ice. She needs to realize that whole shock value thing, ain’t for everyone. Cut that righttttt out. Also the simulated suicide on stage was a little too creepy for my liking.

6. J.Lo’s outfit. I’ve been saying for sometime now that Jennifer Lopez is not the fashionista she once was. She’s like the mom that used to be hot in her day, now trying to stay relevant. That outfit was not the business, I loved the shoes and earrings that was about it. The curtains draped over her shoulders was not speaking to my heart.

7. Doesn’t Eminem look sick to you guys? I know to me he does. His face looks so hard and sullen. His chin can cut glass and I’m a little bit concerned.

8. Beyonce Knowles Carter. Do you want me to go off right now? Just a little bit? Okay. Number one, if she had the option of letting the earth swallow her whole when the jerk Kanye had has outburst, I think she would have allowed it.  Next, her performance? That outfit? That body? Just stop it. I keep telling you guys she is a bad chick. Giving Taylor her time to shine on stage? She stays a woman of class. You guys say what you want and that she’s “boring” in interviews but you’ll never see her uphold herself like any of those other young Hollywood tricks. Well played B, well played.

9.  Pinks performance. I love me some Pink, always have and always will. However, I did not understand her Cirque de Soleil-esque performance. What was the relevance? Love makes you feel sky high at times, but once it’s bad you feel like you’re tumbling from the clouds and swirling round and round? Oh wow, watch me be right about that one.

10. My DUDE Jay-Z’s performance with Homewrecker Alicia Keys. The buildup was intense, he literally got to the arena as soon it was his time to demolish the stage. Good performance until “Lil Man” aka Lil Mama came on near the end of the performance and tried to Turn her Swag On with Jay and Alicia. Oh Jesus be some clarity because I don’t comprehend what she was THINKING. You know what I think really pissed me off? She didn’t even have the audacity to look fly, she looked as though she was going paintballing rather than at an Awards Show.  The nerve. LOL@Jay-Z telling her “You’re T-Paining right now”, the comedy. The look of utter disgust when he saw her on stage needs to be blown up and framed in her household. She needs to see what too tight weave and braids can do to the brain.  Bow Wow, come get ya mama…


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