This goes out to Number 1

Good morning folks,

I was dying to write this last night, and I didnt have time at first then when I got home I was extremely tired. Now that I’ve had time to simmer a bit maybe the raw emotion had a chance to cool but I’m still just as infuriated as I was before.

This is a Blind Item, I’m sure who it’s regarding will definitely know it’s for them.

So there are a couple things that are high on my list of piss-offs and number 1 would have to be disrespect. I don’t like to disrespect people because that right there is Bad Karma. That will always come back to you in life and you should remember that. So why is it that people always feel the need to try and disrespect me thinking they can GET AWAY WITH IT?! I don’t appreciate that in the least and I’m no ones fool. Now that I’m sure your interest has been peaked, I know you’re wondering what has me in such a tizzy. Well, some unnamed male has been trying to gain brownie points with me for quite some time now. The typical I’m a good man and I’m not just trying to see your kitty all come out of his mouth, as if it’s supposed to be the magic words. Homie, I don’t believe you… you need more people! This is where it gets tricky. This “suitor” tries to give me a birthday present Jeremih style and I kindly refuse, bbm’ing me, calling me. So what does this simpleton go and do? He begins to message my friend that’s in the SAME CAR AS ME.


You couldn’t even give me the decency of allowing me to get home? Really? No, seriously though? Did you not think I would  book that? Then I get home and you’re still trying to get at me. Are you that hard up *no pun intended*. You wonder why I never take your behind seriously. This is it! Listen up and hear me good, I’m not the one nor the two or even the three. Next time I see you, believe you me I’m calling you out. That is a promise and I don’t make those very often. You’ve successfully pissed me off jerkoff.


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I'm a Virgo, I love most things entertainment related. Love PHOTOGRAPHY, and Fashion.

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