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Today, I didn’t go to work because I woke up with the left side of my face swollen and a certain portion of it hurting. I rarely call in sick for work, most things I thug it out and keep it moving however sometimes I have to throw in the towel (while being forced from others). The thing is when I get sick for whatever reason, everyone’s first phrase to me is “Make sure you go to the doctor” and my usual reply is “What for?”. Here’s the thing, I’m not too fond of doctors.Most experiences that I have with them are a waste of my time and effort. There are certain things that I’ve been struggling with for years and I’ve yet to meet a doctor that will take the time to actually help me out with it. My typical experience with a doctor never ends well- today was no different. It took so much out of me just to get out of bed and get to the doctor, halfway there I started to feel nauseous. My body was drained beyond means, I was walking around dragging my feet (Pet peeve of mine lol). Goodtimes, goodtimes. The minute I get to the doctor the expletives start going off in my head because I realize it’s going to be a long wait, and that it was. After falling asleep while waiting over 45 min, the doctor came in the room with her usual Sars mask on. Sidenote, maybe it’s just me but I think that’s extremely rude. She speaks through the mask, and yes she’s been doing it pre Swine Flu. After I try to tell her what my issues are, she rushes me through it and downplays it all. Maybe it’s just me here, but when your swollen it means your body is trying to tell you something. How could that just be nothing? She asked me if I wanted prescribed Advil, I said “is this special Advil? What kind is it?”. This trick replied “it’s normal Advil, the difference is instead of having to take 2 like the other one, this you just take one”. B*@C% , do you think I rode the remedial bus here?  If it’s “normal” Advil why would I take your prescription so I could spend more money than I would on regular ass Advil. I answered her “no” in the rudest fashion and she was practically out the door before saying bye. I left the office feeling extremely defeated. In all honesty, I believe I will be one of those people to pass away just “randomly” without warning because I’ve been wrongly diagnosed on many occasions. I’m so serious. My question to you folks is:

What are the qualifications to be a doctor nowadays?

Seriously, can someone answer me? It seems as though any Tom, Dick and Harry can become a doctor. Do they make them go through emphathy courses? I feel as though most doctors dont give a damn about any of their patients. They perform “Hit and Runs”, in and out like a thief in the night. That’s messed up to me. We go to doctors when we are concerned about our health, it sucks going to the person that’s supposed to help you and add some relief to your life and they treat you like crap. Not cool at all.

If anyone knows of any good doctors, please let me know. Maybe I’ll give it a try.


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2 responses to “Doctor Doctor

  1. Neeks, I’ve been “bunin’ ah fyiah” on doctors for YEARS!!

    They get paid to sit on their asses so, they don’t business about their patients. You should look into finding Naturalpathic/ Homeopathic doctors and research natural remedies. The time that dumb doctor took to precribe you with “normal” advil, you could probably could’ve found a herbal tea that would’ve done the trick!

  2. f*ckin doctors free health care but no doctors that care!

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