Just Wondering (6)

…Just wondering why in the last 30 minutes I’ve seen the trailer for the MJ movie “This is it” 7 times. The movie doesn’t come out until October 28th *blank stare*. I’m not TJ Henderson or anything but according to my calculations I’m going to see 1,936 views too many before the movie actually comes out.

…Just wondering why the Black girl on reality tv always has to be the “Black girl” on tv. You know what I mean, everyone else is calm and serene and hey homegirl has to start some mess for no reason at all. For those that need a specific example, Bianca from this seasons Top Model. Arghhh, so unnecessary. All that attitude needs to seize in a hurry.

…Just wondering if you’ve gotten your outfit yet for the Fresh Not Frozen party on October 3rd at Premium Rhythm Bar? Make sure you come correct if not, my babies (my cameras) will catch you slippin. Torontofresh keeps it always fresh.

Just wondering why Macy Gray thought it was a good idea to embarrass herself on Dancing with the Stars. Silly question, look at the course of her career.

…Just wondering if you’ve been voting for Ron Dias as the new Muchmusic VJ 2.0. Stop sleeping and get on the scene. It literally takes 2 minutes to do it. It’ll only take 2 minute out of your Facebook/Twitter/Msn/ time. I don’t ask for much.

…Just wondering why people front sooooo much.  Say what you mean, do what you say. Stop fighting it, just get it done.

 …Just wondering how Wendy Williams got her talk show deal. She’s pretty annoying, and her show is boring as heck. I literally can’t get through the 1st 5 minutes. That voice, that face, that extra accent, that hair… it’s just too much to bare.

… Just wondering why BET can’t get their act together and pick up the new season of The Game. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. Bring back my Derwin, please. I didn’t do anything to deserve this. I miss you baby. I’m a little anxious to see what your offspring with that hooker Janay will look like.

…Just wondering when Tyra will stop screaming from the mountain tops that she’s wearing her “real” hair. Good for you! Do you want a sugar cookie now or later? We get it girl, you don’t have to go on every media outlet letting the world know. Keep in mind, you have access to the top hairdressers in the world- if they cannot make your hair look good no matter the circumstances, I see a huge problem.


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I'm a Virgo, I love most things entertainment related. Love PHOTOGRAPHY, and Fashion.

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