Blackberry Etiquette

Good Morning,

How is everyone doing this morning? Yesterday was a write off, today should be better- at least I’m willing it to be. I’m going to try to get back to writing on the regular, keyword : try. Just a little plug, this Saturday is the Torontofresh “Fresh Not Frozen party at Premium Rhythm Bar. I want you all to come out, I’m trying to take pictures and chill out with some good people. There will be giveaways and all that good stuff.

This next post I’ve been meaning to write and for some reason have just been putting it off. I’ve written different posts on technology and us being obsessed with it but now I feel enough is freaking enough. I’m apart of the Blackberry clique and I love my berry, I really do. However I find that most of us Berry owners are freaking obsessed with it and in some cases almost downright rude. There needs to be some kind of etiquette that folks should follow when it comes to using your Berry in public.

When you are around others whether it be a date, just chilling out, dinner, etc. please do not hold your phone in your hand and constantly check it every 2 seconds. It’s so rude, extremely rude. When that happens I find it utterly disrespectful, because it’s like you don’t value our time enough to put your phone on pause for a little bit. In no way am I saying, don’t check your phone at all but damn have a little respect. When I’m in the presence of others, especially in a one on one setting I do my best not to check my phone every God forsaken second. For what?! It irks me the most when I’m at a dinner and everyone around is on their berry doing things that owners do (bbm’ing, twittering, facebooking) there is a time and place for everything. We have to learn to seperate the two. If it’s really THAT serious the person will save that bbm message and maybe just call you. Crazy concept, eh? I will continue to say it, technology has ruined the art of communication. We as the younger generation, have no idea how to articulate and express our emotions properly. In front of our peers we are generally quiet and afraid to say what’s on our mind or say what’s real. We wait until we get to our phone/cpus to express our thoughts because it gives us that sense of wall or security. I say no way Jose. It’s getting to a point where I’m extremely irritated by it all. These blackberrys will be the death of us as we know it. It’s killing us slowly and I’m not having it.

Another thing, have you noticed that with certain people when you message them they take ‘forever’ to respond, but when you’re in their presence they answer every message they receive with the quickness? Interesting, I’d say. Clearly it’s just me that you ignore for the most part then right? I can catch the play. Blackberry culture can be so tricky.


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3 responses to “Blackberry Etiquette

  1. A-freakin-men! & that’s coming from someone who was guilty or the serial-phone-checking. Now that I’m berry-less, I see how robotic people are with their phones.

    It’s pretty scary!

    If I’m on a date with a man who can’t put his berry down for a hot minute while spending time with me, you best believe there will NOT be a preceeding date!

  2. starven

    i was tryna remember what i was doing before I had a blackberry? *thinks* i cant remember!

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