Guest Spot: 12 Play

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I haven’t had a Guest Spot in a minute and this one is a little different. With the fast approaching Basketball season among us, why not have a Guest spot every now and then from a different perspective? Without further adieu, here it is- a piece written by Michelle Spences-Lee.


12 Play.

I know what you’re thinking. Twelve play, you’re waiting for me to name all possible positions. To exploit my sexuality, leaving majority of the male readers intrigued and most of the women confused wondering, “What the hell are you talking about?!…Women have an opinion about this?” Well if that’s what you’re thinking, you’re correct. I’m going to name all possible positions and what I like to call the first “fore-play” moves in the NBA that aren’t or are satisfying that urge we ball’ heads fiend for.

Lets start by being a little more honest with our selves guys- going into the new season each team says they’re ready, they’re going to win, they got what it takes but honestly, let us be realistic. When the first five games are over and teams like Detroit, LA Clippers, and Chicago realize “Damn, we’re in over our head.” That’s when all the true colours begin to show. Chicago letting Ben Gordon go was a big mistake-Ben Gordon going to Detroit was a big mistake. Allen Iverson got what he needed, Chris Bosh is going to light it up, Emeka Okafor will finally catch a break and although I hate to admit it- Ron Artest might be a big mistake. I know these are big words but Ill explain the logic behind it. First of all I know Derrick Rose is an amazing player the statistics speak for themselves (PPG: 19.7; RPG: 6.30; APG: 6.4;) but alone, I believe the pressure will be too much. Maybe I’m crazy, maybe it seems like the ideal situation, playing for your hometown with all your family and friends they’re cheering you on, providing you with “constructive criticism”. I don’t know, I think without his right hand man there it will be very hard to carry a team on his own. He’s still a young player and has a lot of maturing to do. Maybe reading a book could up his confidence. Now, Mr. Ben “Jordan” as chi-town fans would call him, although obtaining that 55+mill. (Get that paper!) It’s evident that Detroit has no future. With the veterans gone and the alleged prince still gaming there’s a very slim chance of revival- which I aint mad at (Sorry D-Town).

Mr. Poison Ivy himself still has a chance- yea I said it! AI got the move he needed. I know he’s not making the money he once did, but he’s closer to a ring then ever. With a strong, young supporting cast and the space to do what he does best. I promise you, yes I promise, AI will bring it back to the hood and be a little bit closer. Maybe not this year but he should not give up!

Yea, yea, yea knock on Toronto all you want hell I know CB4 looks like the mascot but that’s not the point. The point for the Toronto forward is that there is serious money to be made. With Boshs’ contract up in 2010 he’s going to do whatever it takes to score those points, make those rebounds, and make those numbers sky high making him one of the most wanted players in the Nba. He has the experience, he now has the weight (he gained 50lbs during off season), and soon he will have the numbers to back his hype up. Toronto better be ready to offer what we have left to keep Bosh or we might see him in that red and black next to wade.

Emeka Okafor may have been the only one playing on the hardwood back in Charlotte but with CP3 on his right there is nothing there to stop him. Fullstop.

Oh my Lakers. My, my, my as a major laker fan (say what you want…2009 Champs!) It hurts my heart to admit that maybe we may have made a major mistake. We traded a 24 year old new comer for an almost 30 troublemaker. I have no doubt for a possible repeat because Phil Jackson is just that dude but damn. I guess its just question marks and a stiff drink from here.

Now I know this is a lot of opinion to take in from a chick that wears Nikes with a dress but breathe, I’ll leave it here for now. You’ll have to wait for me to take an acute break, test that 2K10, and find appropriate words to describe my feelings about Lebron James, the Boston Celtics, and the anticipation of Frankenstein’s son Blake Griffin. Until then watch summer league shots of Brandon Jennings, keep updated with pre-season games, and enjoy the Nba 2k10 takeover. Peace.



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