Earlier today a friend posted a question on Twitter:


 “My homegirl just said all men cheat, I said I don’t believe that…but what do ya’ll think? Is that true? ESPECIALLY TO THE MEN, IS IT?


My immediate answer was “Not all, that is extreme”. That is such a broad generalized statement it’s ridiculous. Personally when I’m speaking to a male and he groups me into a category with every other female that he knows, I get a little annoyed by it. For females to make such a statement is really bananas, because think about it we all know at least one good man out there (I’m not saying he’s single but you feel me). Why is it okay for folks to say such things, just because every dude you’ve been with has been an ass. Listen I’m not the advocate for males out there, trust me when I say I’m very far from that. Just because you haven’t found a non cheater doesn’t mean they ALL do, hey alot of them might be dumb- sure! However all cheaters is crazy talk. That question that led us to speak about what people will put up with just to say they are in a relationship. What I mean by that is, if in the back of a womans head she’s thinking “All men cheat” why is she bothering to be in a relationship with a man? Isn’t that grounds for heartbreak/heartache & headache? To me, that’s what that sounds like. What are you really worth if you are willing to put up with that kind of nonsense. Not to mention, if you are with a cheater and let’s say he is cheating what do you look like sticking around with him? Do not begin to complain to others if you stick around and bare it. You let him dictate what the relationship is, don’t be mad after. Learn to be alone or just don’t even bother.



This is one of my favorite songs from the album “Destiny Fulfilled”. Actually both of them are.


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