The English Language

Good morning,

How was everyone’s Thanksgiving Weekend? Mine was cool, pretty low-key for the most part. Alot of reflecting and what not, which really isn’t different from anything else I do in my regular daily life.

As you know, I’m on the internet alot- a whole lot. I obviously blog, blog hop, look at Celebrity gossip, search everything fashion related and use the usual social networks. Throughout all that I realize that one question pops up in my head continuously “What is it about the English Language that has folks so dog gone mad at it?” I mean really, have you ever noticed that people refuse to it even remotely close to its actual origin. Damn. Before I hop on the cpu, it’s like I have to pop 2 Advils and a naproxen just because I give myself a headache trying to decipher what it is people are trying to say. Have we seriously gotten that lazy that instead of saying “what” we have to shorten it one extra letter with “wat”. I just cringed even typing that myself. What a serious turnoff. When did this become kewl? See how I did that there, another word that’s commonly misspelled to some unrecognizable word. What is the purpose in purposely misspelling words? I mean, WHY?! What did English ever do to you? What is the reasoning behind spelling “cool” like “kewl”? It’s the same damn amount of letters so why misspell it. It looks juvenile and makes you look extremely incompetent.

Yes, I’m well aware there is a lot of slang floating around the place however slang typically has no correct spelling especially Patois slang (that’s hard enough to decipher therefore a spell check on that would be damn near impossible lol). I keep trying to tell people who insist on spelling words incorrect on purpose that it’s not a good look. You want to know why? You look stupid. That’s just what it is. Not to mention the more you continue that bad habit the harder it’s going to be to stop. You get a job working anywhere and you have to send out professional emails to other people, you won’t be able to control the msn lingo from coming out. TRUST ME, I’ve seen it one too many times. When you cannot send out a legible email, people deem you as an idiot. I’m just trying to look out for you guys here. No one is saying that you need to be Akeelah the Spelling Bee champ but at least take some pride in things that you put out there. Sadly to say but people check most things you put on the net and base their own assumptions about you before even formally meeting you. That goes for future jobs you may be vying for. My job does it, so I’m not even boosting on this.

Oh and one more thing, whoever started ThE tReNd oF tYpInG lYkE tHiS nEeDs To bE slapped! You know how long it took me to write those 9 words? My goodness, isn’t the point of doing that stuff to save time. Holy moly, it shouldn’t take me 5 minutes to decipher 2 sentences that you just wrote to me. That is just ri-damn-diculous and I would appreciate if you cut it rightttt out.

From one concerned citizen, please cut the shananigans.


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