Crimes Against Fashion 2

Good morning,


It’s been awhile since I’ve done one of these. So without further adieu here are my list of Fashion (which includes Hair)Pet Peeves.


1. Curly hair with straight bangs.

One question why? Make up your mind for Pete Sakes, stop trying to have the best of both worlds. It looks ridiculous.

Sorry Chanel

Sorry Chanel


2. Lacefront Wigs.

What in the name of Patra, Spice and Lady Saw is going on in the world? Really and truly. This epidemic has hit the basic chicks of the world and I’m begging pleading for it to stop. Celebrities around the world have been wearing this for years, big difference- they have money *blank stare*. I would prefer if you’re going to invest in one of these, please do just that invest. Do not purchase the one on sale for $19.99 at Keele/Sheppard in a shade of orange/red and think you can rival Beyonce. As the Jamaicans would say “Dat nah mek it”. Don’t get me wrong, some chicks can pull it off and I mean, like I’ve seen about 2 ‘regular’ girls pulling it off. If you do not know how to apply it, don’t bother and save yourself the embarrassment. We all know your hairline does not begin in the middle of your forehead, just stop it lol.






3. Men who don’t know how to dress like men.

This gets me angry in ways you don’t even know. At a certain age, there becomes a time where baggy pants, sneakers and t-shirts won’t cut it to go out to an event. By no means am I saying that I don’t want men dressing in that at all, however there is a time and a place for everything (a common phrase I say). When attending certain functions, that attire just doesn’t cut it. Women make such an effort when going out, it’s good to see men reciprocate every now and again (preferably a lot more “nows”).




4.  Girls in 4x sized sweatpants walking around in public.


Okay, sooo I know some people won’t agree but dah well this is my list lol. I’ve been an athlete for majority of my life, and somehow I still don’t own a whole collection of trackpants and sweatpants and even if I did you wouldn’t see me walking around the whole of town with them. Here’s the thing, why do girls feel the need to buy sweatpants six sizes 2 big for them and THEN roll the top of the waistline. On what planet is that okay? Tell me, what galaxy? It looks soooooo sloppy, and I wish they would just stop it.




5.  Crocs

For the love of Pete, when will I not have to see these dreadful “shoes” any longer? Well hopefully soon, because I heard they were going out of business. I really hope it’s true, because I’m TIRED of seeing them. People try to justify them to me, but I’m not having it. If you’re over the age of 3 you have no business in them. Actually, scratch that- they’re not even safe for kids as it really doesn’t protect their feet. Anything can go through them an stick your child in the foot. My friend that owns a pair *she knows who she is* knows my utter disgust for them lol.











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I'm a Virgo, I love most things entertainment related. Love PHOTOGRAPHY, and Fashion.

2 responses to “Crimes Against Fashion 2

  1. Brit’s no bra nipping situation is also a huge peeve of mine!

  2. uGhh… Where do I begin??


    1. Curly hair and straight bangs…. Stuuuuuupidness!!
    2. Lace fronts… I hate ’em all!
    3. Men SHOULD dress like men, I completely agree…. Today, I saw the cutest guy wearing and SAGGIN’ tight jeans (showing off his dirty boxers… YUCK), a scruffy t-shirt and sweater, rough-looking sneakers and brown glasses without the lense…. Did I mention that his ASS was bigger than Charlene’s?? HMPH!
    4. Britney Spears…. *eye roll* Nuff said.
    5. I’ve been saying this for the past 2-3 years…. The fisher man who started this trend needs a drop kick in the middle of his back!!

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